10 Things That Say You Live in a Pinoy Home Without You Saying “I Live in a Pinoy Home”

Filipinos have distinct personalities and this reflects in their home. There are things in a Pinoy home that we would not find anywhere else.

Need some examples? Here are a few:

An ice cream tub in the freezer with fish inside

Photo / Selecta Philippines

Picture this: it’s a hot day and you’re in the mood for some ice cream. You go to the kitchen, open the freezer, and see a tub. A non-Filipino will automatically take it out and prepare a bowl and a spoon. If you’re in a Filipino home, you’re going to open it first before getting your hopes up. Chances are, it’s not Double Dutch ice cream inside but fish.

That calendar

You know which calendar we’re talking about. The big white one with the blue and red font that’s given away by businesses and offices.

Plates with flowers or fruits

Lots of Filipino homes have those plates with fruits and flowers printed in the middle. Top that with steaming white rice, liempo, and munggo, and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal.


Let’s face it, Filipinos love to eat so a Pinoy home wouldn’t be complete without snacks. We love Super Crunch, a local brand of chips with so many variants available. Its corn chips come in Cheesiest, Tasty Sweet Corn, Cheddar Cheese, and Barbecue, and the nachos are available in Cheese and Barbecue. The corn chips have a flavorful and sweet taste to them, while the nachos have a smokier taste that we love. 

A Filipino home has Pinoy snacks, and Super Crunch also has local flavors in Chipcharon, its line of cracklings made of green peas. It has the familiar taste of chicharon without the guilt. You won’t believe it’s not pork! There’s Lechon Kawali, which will remind you of the famous dish with a hint of vinegar; Pinoy Bawang and its garlicky taste; and Suka’t Sili for that bold and spicy flavor.

Super Crunch is available in leading stores such as Waltermart, Super8, Metro, Rustans, Robinsons, Landmark, and Puregold. You can also buy Super Crunch on the official Lazada and Shopee Stores.

A collection of plastic bags and containers

Photo / Kim Deachul on Unsplash

Filipino families have been eco-friendly even before the world did and it was an Inception situation: plastic bags inside plastic bags inside plastic bags. The same can be said for plastic containers, which were collected from takeouts and deliveries. Plus points if family members can tell which cover goes with which container.


Photo / Shopee

A Filipino home won’t be complete without a tabo. The Filipino’s obsession with the tabo dates back to the pre-colonial period when they placed it at the entrance to the home next to a terracotta jar. Guests are expected to wash their hands and feet before entering the home. It was also used in the kitchen as a water pitcher or for cleaning. Today, it’s found in the bathroom. Some families even have a tabo and a pail even if there’s a shower!


Large wooden utensils on the wall

Photo / Shopee

Filipino families need two kinds of utensils: the ones to eat with and giant wooden versions that you hang on the wall. We’re not sure about its history but we admit it looks cool!


An altar with Sto Niño

Photo / Shopee

The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country so you can expect Filipino homes to reflect that. We’re sure you have, or you’ve visited homes with, an altar of the Sto. Niño and other religious artifacts.


The Last Supper in the dining room

Photo / Shopee

An extension of the altar is a portrait of the Last Supper hanging in the dining room. Ours was a cross-stitched version.


Diplomas and graduation pictures on the wall

Enter a Filipino home and chances are, you’ll see a wall filled with diplomas, graduation photos, and medals. And you know what? We get it. It’s a sign of pride for the parents. Photos that aren’t on the wall are bound to be in a photo album stored somewhere in the sala, ready to be shown to guests.

Super Crunch

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