10 Things that only People who Grew Up with their Lolos and Lolas can Relate To

Words by Meldrick Tin

In the Philippine household setting, it is not uncommon to be living with your extended family–meaning with your tito, tita, pinsan, lolo, and lola—basically your entire family clan—because we deeply value the culture of close family ties. Filipinos love to look out for one another in the household, especially our grandparents, we just really love the charm and worldliness they emanate even at an old age.

When you’ve been living with your lolos and lolas at home all your life, there is no doubt that they’ve made an impact in your life in one way or another. Here are 10 things that only people who grew up with their grandparents can relate to!

10. Your grandparents have a favorite pastime to keep them busy


Whether your grandparents like to exercise, run a business, teach in school, or play mahjong on a daily basis, they really have a favorite activity they’re passionate about to keep themselves busy despite their old age.

9. They’re still very traditional and conservative… but that’s okay


It’s only natural that your grandparents still have that traditional and conservative viewpoint towards all the #woke things we millennials and Gen Z-ers talk about today. Because unlike our generation now, our grandparents were brought about so much more different. They saw things in a different light, and they still bring that mindset with them to this very day.

8. They’re overprotective about your whereabouts and what-not


Just like your parents, your grandparents always love to ask you about your whereabouts, sometimes even showing their overprotective nature. Don’t worry about it though, it’s actually their love language!

7. Your grandparents don’t understand anything about technology nor social media (They still use the old Nokia 3310!)


I’m pretty sure that every grandparent still owns the old, unbreakable Nokia phone or a flip phone up until this day. If not, they still have no idea how the internet nor Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram works. Well, at least they still have their all-time favorite mobile game Candy Crush downloaded on their phone to keep them company!

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6. Their home-cooked meals are to die for


Your grandparents cook like pro chefs—some are even Gordon Ramsay level! You just really love coming home to their home-cooked specialties because everything they cook for you tastes love.

5. Your grandparents have such a positive outlook in life


After all the things they’ve been through in life, your grandparents know much better now. They prefer not to dwell on the small and trivial things as they know that these won’t really matter in the long run. They already know well enough not to harness negativity in their life—which is why they always keep their head held high no matter how hard life gets.

4. They sometimes treat you as their own child


With your grandparents at home, you gain new sets of parents who treat you as their own child. They care for you, look out for you, and love you like their own.

3. You learn so much wisdom and life advice from all their life experiences


From all their years in life, your grandparents had already seen and experienced everything. You just pick up so much wisdom and practical advice from all their stories and memoirs that you can actually also apply in your own experiences in life!

2. Sometimes, your grandparents even protect you from your parents when you get in a heated argument


When you get into an argument with your parents, your grandparents are usually to the rescue. Sometimes, they protect and defend you from your parents because you’re their favorite!

1. Bottom line is, your grandparents love you just the same way your real parents do


Even if they’re tough at times, or no matter how hard-headed they get, they still love you the same way your real parents do. Your lolos and lolas will never get tired loving you ever since the moment they carried you in your arms when you were a baby. And now, as a fully functioning member of society, your grandparents are still there for you–and always will be.

Which of these can you relate to the most? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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