10 Things A Modern Gentleman Needs to Look Good This 2017

Men who care about the way they look didn’t always have a good reputation. In the past, the term metrosexual wasn’t always a compliment, and it was usually followed by accusations of vanity and whispers about one’s sexuality. Now, no one bats an eyelash when a man cares about the kind of shampoo he uses or the cotton to polyester ratio of a shirt he’s buying. It’s even expected for a man to be well-groomed.

This new year, many men are discovering the benefits to looking good. It may be an increase in compliments, attention from a girl, or maybe even a promotion. For those who want to live the dapper life, we have some tips for you. Below are the 10 things a modern gentleman needs to look good this 2017:

10. A leather wallet


Men thrive on familiarity, so it makes sense that a lot of men still carry the wallet they’ve had since college. This is a good idea if it’s leather, since the material ages well and looks better through time. But if it’s one of those velcro wallets with your favorite cartoon character, maybe it’s time to let it rest. Invest in a nice leather wallet and take care of it. Just put money and your essential cards. Don’t stuff it with so many receipts that it looks like one of your butt cheeks is bigger than the other when you store it in your back pocket.


9. The right kind of bag


Leave the backpack in college, get something classier. A backpack gives off a collegiate vibe that suits men of a younger age, so stick to something more refined like a messenger bag. A messenger bag in leather looks sophisticated, and you can choose from a variety of brands and sizes depending on your needs. But if you still want the convenience of a backpack, get something that looks less “I have to go to class” and more “I live a life well-lived and well-curated.”

8. A classic watch

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Needs to Look Good This 2017 9

A watch is one of the very few ways a man can accessorize, and speaks volumes about who you are as a watch is now considered a luxury. Feel free to express your personality through your choice of watch, but we recommend a timeless look, like an elegant face with a leather strap. But don’t splurge: buy the best you can afford.


7. A good selection of shoes

Photo from Jos A. Banks

Photo from Jos A. Banks

A good pair of shoes can highlight your look or break it. You don’t need hundreds of pairs of shoes. You can survive with a few pairs, which you can wear on rotation. The essentials are a pair of black leather shoes for work and for formal occasions, loafers for something casual yet smart, sneakers for downtime, and shoes for working out. It might be a good idea to have a separate pair of leather shoes for formal occasions, as your work shoes will look used.


6. A good haircut


They say that hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but the same could be applied for men. A good haircut can make or break a face, so it’s wise to invest in a good barber. As for styles, it’s tempting to go for the popular fades, but find one that suits the shape of your face.


5. A custom suit


You may think you won’t need a custom suit, but one day, you’ll receive an invite to a formal event in two weeks. Yes, you can just pop into the department store to get a suit off-the-rack, but it’s hard to find one that perfectly fits you. Nothing compares to having a suit custom-made, which means a tailor will create a suit based on your measurements. Once you see how good you look in a suit made just for you, you have to stop yourself from getting another one. But if you’re planning to have a lot made: start with navy blue (for day) and black (for the evening). They’re versatile, too. You can wear the jacket with jeans.


4. Shirts in black, white, gray, and blue


When it comes to building your wardrobe, it’s important to start with the basics. Build a solid collection of shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts in black, white, gray, and blue. These colors are the most versatile choices, and can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of your ensemble. From there, you can explore different colors, prints, and materials. Just remember: 100% cotton is your safest bet.


3. An interest in culture and current events


There’s a term that’s going around in social media and it’s called “woke bae.” A woke bae is an attractive person who knows what’s going on in the community. This means being aware that everything that happens in politics can have an effect on everyone, regardless of socio-economic status. This goes beyond politics, being “woke” means also being updated on the latest movies, TV shows, music, plays, and art. This means having an interest in a broad range of things. A wide knowledge of culture and currents events is helpful, because they’re the fun ones at the party.

2. A healthy body


No, you do not need to have six pack abs or bulging biceps, but a fit body will look good on anyone. Imagine how good you’ll look when you wear a suit if you’ve achieved your #fitnessgoals. And let’s not forget the more important benefits: being healthy means lowering your risk of diseases, increasing your strength and stamina, and boosting your confidence and endorphins, or the happy hormones. To get your healthy body, cut down on oily and processed food, sugar, and other junk. Start moving, too, through sports or a simple exercise routine like jogging or brisk walking.

1. A place that embodies who he is


Imagine you have all this. You have killer abs, a nice suit, and a great lifestyle. But the best way to embody one’s personality is to have a place of one’s own, where you can decorate it to your tastes and preferences. A home is where a gentleman can be his most dapper self, and have all his refined collection of things with him. Preferably, a gentleman lives right in the city, where he has access to the things he enjoys buying and doing.


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