10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Everyday Carry

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 9

As they say, gentlemen aren’t born, they are made. They are made through the right values instilled to them growing up, the priorities they have made over time, and of course, how they choose to carry and groom themselves. Let’s face it, one of the hallmarks of a gentleman is a certain kind of sophistication that is both hard to define and achieve. But you’ll know it when you see it.

But what are the secrets to being a gentleman? We paid Hans Kenner Fernandez, a modern gentleman, a visit at Spectre Manila, and he revealed to us what he and his brothers carry with them every day.

Gentlemen, take notes.

1. Solid perfume

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 3

Perfume is one of the best ways for men to distinguish themselves. The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, so a good scent can make you literally unforgettable. For a mark that will stand the test of time, go for something unusual, like Fulton & Roark’s solid cologne, which comes in highly-concentrated wax base in a sleek shatterproof design. The compact case means you can bring it anywhere, even in your pocket! F&R comes in five scents, ranging from from fresh to woodsy, so there are different impressions to make.

2 – 3. A good hair product and comb

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 1

They say the hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but we believe this applies to men, too. A bad hair cut, or a style that’s messed up, can break a gentleman’s look, so he needs to rely on a good hair product and comb to keep to tame his mane. The London Grooming’s clay is perfect for those who want a strong hold without the “wet look.” Simply massage the clay from root to tip, and style as you please. For maximum control, pair it with Percy Nobleman’s hair comb, which comes in an elegant tortoiseshell design.

4. A sleek wallet

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 2

For some reason, a lot of men favor those bulky wallets that bulge out of their back pocket. It’s heavy, uncomfortable, and weird-looking (it looks like one butt cheek is bigger than the other). Get rid of all those receipts and streamline your cash with a slim wallet, like Bellroy’s note sleeve. It comes in beautiful colors and an environmentally-certified leather. The slim design makes it easier to carry, and will make your butt cheeks look the same size. We also love its unique square shape!

5. A portable notebook

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 7

Novelist Truman Capote used to always carry a portable notebook, writing notes he would use in his bestselling novel In Cold Blood, and the guest list for his legendary Black and White Ball in 1966. A gentleman is busy doing millions of things each day, and a notebook can be used for reminders, observations, and flashes of inspiration (check out the Bullet Journal system to organize everything). You may argue that your smartphone can do this, but it has been proven that writing things down make you remember it more. Bellroy’s leather mini notebook cover lets you take notes and remember in style.

6. A professional business card case

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 6

A gentleman is always out on the town, meeting new people. Business cards are a great way to build connections and even say something about yourself (remember that iconic business card scene in American Psycho?). If your card has a great design, up your game with a great business card case, like Bellroy’s card holder. It can fit up to 20 cards, the perfect amount for the socializing dandy.

7. A case for your cards

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 11

A gentleman may have a lot of cards, from debit and credit cards to gym memberships, bookstore rewards programs, and loyalty cards to his favorite coffee shops. Traditional wallets can only carry up to eight cards, so a gentleman who has more can have a separate case dedicated to it. Secrid’s card protectors combine tradition and technology with its gorgeous leather design, and its aluminum case that protects against unauthorized reading of RFID cards. The best part? Pull the lever and all the cards slide out!

8. An essentials pocket

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 5

A man carries a large bag for his work items, but there are times when only the essentials are necessary. For meetings, coffee runs, and errands, an essentials pocket is perfect. Bellroy’s essentials pocket is light and compact, but has enough room for an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (and phones of the same size), a pen, up to 12 cards, and small items like coins, keys, bills, and cables. It’s also the perfect travel companion, and can fit your passport, boarding pass, itinerary, and a pen. The essentials pocket is made of water-resistant leather, so it’s sturdy and elegant.

9. A multi-purpose keychain

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 4

Tired of having all your loose ends scattered everywhere? Tie them all together with Orbitkey, which lets you stack your keys, a flash drive, and even a bottle opener. The best part about it is that it looks neat. It also doesn’t jingle!

10. A damn good watch

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 8

Men don’t have the same luxury as women when it comes to accessorizing. Men are limited in the jewelry department, so it’s important to make sure that their wristwatch stands out. A good watch says a lot about the wearer, so pay attention! SevenFriday’s watches are masculine in design, and gives the image that you’re a man with discerning tastes. This particular watch has a black face in a steel frame, making it versatile enough to wear in the office or at a formal affair.

10 Things A Modern Gentleman Brings in His Every Day Carry 10

All these products are available at Spectre, a lifestyle concept store that caters to Metro Manila’s modern gentleman. It is essentially a man cave, a space that indulges men in the elements of sophistication. The store has every quintessential feature that make up a well-heeled man: there’s a bespoke suit shop, leather goods, and a whiskey bar. Spectre is also the home of Union Station, a barber shop that can give you a stylish cut.

Spectre Manila

916 Luna Mencias Street, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City

(02) 725 3066

Email: info@spectremnl.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpectreMNL

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