10 Stylish Bowls for Cozy Ramen Nights at Home

These are the best months to enjoy ramen! Going to your favorite ramen restaurants may not be ideal, so DIY ramen at home is the next best thing. To replicate that restaurant dining experience, you might want to stock up on a few aesthetic ramen bowls for your home. Choosing the right dinnerware can instantly elevate your homemade meals, so here are a few of our recommendations from Shopee.

blue japbowl

Photo from Shopee

10. These blue ramen bowls feature simple yet recognizable Japanese designs on their inner sides. The blue design contrasts beautifully against whatever flavor of ramen you’ve prepared. There’s also a variety of designs to choose from. Plus, it’s microwavable!

Buy this blue Japanese-style bowl here!

minimal ramenbowl

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9. If you like dark neutral colors for a moody look on your dining table, these minimalist ceramic bowls are a great option. You can choose between a couple of neutral colors such as gradient black or a mix of beige and cream. The design itself features straight sides with a wide opening that can fit a hearty serving of ramen.

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takeaway bowl

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8. These takeaway-inspired ramen bowls also feature minimalistic designs. We’re in love with its unique shape, making it look like a high-end takeaway container. The simple designs around the sides also add to its overall quirky yet sophisticated look.

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cup noodles bowl

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7. These cute cup noodles-inspired ramen bowls will instantly elevate even your cheapest instant ramen. If you love the iconic look of instant cup noodles, these creative bowls are must-haves. It also includes a lid for easy cooking.

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blue flowerbowl

Photo from Shopee

6. This elegant flower-inspired bowl features a regal shade of blue. The color of this bowl is enough to make you feel like you’re dining in a high-end restaurant. The ridged dark edge adds to the sophistication, too.

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Photo from Shopee

5. These gorgeous Moroccan-inspired bowls will instantly brighten up even the gloomiest days thanks to the colorful designs. If you love maximalist pieces, these lively bowls are great additions to your dinnerware. There are four different designs to choose from!

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irregular bowl

Photo from Shopee

4. If you want extra elegant dinnerware pieces, these irregularly shaped transparent bowls will take your ramen to a whole other level. The jagged gold-lined edges add so much character to what’s already a sophisticated dinnerware piece. These bowls will make even your cheap instant ramen IG-worthy.

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totoro bowl

Photo from Shopee

3. Looking for something more quirky and playful? This Totoro-inspired bowl set might be something you’d like to consider. This is especially perfect if you’re a huge fan of “My Neighbor Totoro”. The set also includes a plate and a spoon that are all Totoro-inspired.

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Photo from Shopee

2. Are you a certified member of #TeamKahoy? This simple yet beautiful wooden bowl is for you! Aside from the high quality of this bowl, the fact that it’s locally made is definitely a reason for you to get a wooden bowl for the home.

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Photo from Shopee

1. If you don’t like having so many pots and bowls to wash after a meal, this casserole-inspired bowl is for you. It’s microwaveable and oven safe, so you can cook and eat your ramen in just one bowl! It even comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose which best matches your kitchen.

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As a BONUS: get these ceramic ramen spoons for the complete experience!

ramen spoon

Photo from Shopee

Buy these ceramic Japanese-style spoons here!

Which one of these stylish bowls do you like best? Share it with us!

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