10 Spots in Indonesia That Will Make You Want to Go There ASAP

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When it comes to Indonesia, many tourists go to Bali’s beaches. It’s no surprise because they offer stellar views, amazing nightlife, and beautiful coral reefs. What many do not know is that there are so many hidden gems near Jakarta, all waiting to be explored by the adventurous traveler.

If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia or have already booked a flight, here are 10 other Indonesian spots you should visit:

1. Kawah Putih

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The volcanic crater at Kawah Putih is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful sights. Its lake takes on a greenish hue, which makes for an otherworldly view especially with the trees in the background. The crater has high levels of sulfur (no swimming here!) which means you can’t stay too long, but just a few minutes time is enough to admire the lake. The best part? You don’t need to fly here because it’s accessible by land from Jakarta!

2. Borobudur Temple

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Indonesia is home to two important temples and they are both located near Yogyakarta. The first is Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Those who visit make it a point to see the sunrise, which becomes even more magical when viewed here. If you have time, you can also visit Prambanan Temple, also a World Heritage Site and the largest Hindu temple in the country.

3. Mt. Bromo

If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to stop by Mt. Bromo in Surabaya, too! The volcano also offers stunning views of Java, which are best enjoyed at sunrise. Mt. Bromo midnight tours are popular with tourists, where they ride a jeep to the peak during the wee hours of the morning to catch the rising sun.

 4. Thousand Islands

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Indonesia is known as the world’s largest island country with more than 13,000 islands, so it’s obvious that many are home to spectacular beaches. Its most popular spot is known as Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand Islands, or a group of islands scattered around the Bay of Jakarta. They are a mix of resorts, historic parks, and privately-owned islands that guests can tour on a boat and do water activities. Some of the most popular spots are Pulau Tidung for its 800-meter Love Bridge, Pulau Pari’s white sands, and Pulau Pramuka’s greenback turtles, where guests can help babies take their first step to the sea.

5. Tebing Gunung Hawu

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If you want something that will test your adrenaline, visit Bandung’s Tebing Gunung Hawu. It’s a picturesque limestone hill where guests can lie on a hammock between the ridges! It’s also a perfect spot to view the sunrise and sunset… if you’re brave enough to do it.

6. Bukit Moko

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There’s plenty to do in Bukit Moko, depending on the time of day you go. In the morning and afternoon, you can go hiking in the forest and admire the pine trees there. If you arrive just before the sunset or sunrise, you can climb the peak and watch the sun with Bandung in the background. In the evening, you can grab a meal at the restaurants there, with a beautiful view of the city below. And if you’re the woodsy type, you can rent a tent and some firewood, and go camping overnight!

7. Taman Sari Water Castle

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The Taman Sari Water Castle used to be the royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Only the bathing complex is completely restored, but it’s enough to let visitors imagine the tranquil life the Sultan led during his time. The place is noted for its European architecture, and is being considered to be added to the list of World Heritage Sites.

8. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Translated to Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a park in Jakarta that is a miniature version of the country. Each of the country’s 26 provinces are represented in this 250-acre complex through pavilions styled in that province’s house, and filled with costumes, artifacts, and items used in daily life. Each pavilion also has its own ampitheater to showcase that province’s ceremonies and performances. It’s a great way to explore the country even if you only visit a few provinces.

9. Macan Museum

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To fully experience the culture of Indonesia, we suggest a trip to the Macan Museum, the country’s first space to exhibit modern and contemporary art from the country and around the world. Its inaugural show last November featured 90 works from 70 local and foreign artists, and more is expected to be showcased. After all, its founder, Haryanto Adikoesoemo, owns 800 pieces of American, European, and Asian art. Its next exhibit will feature the Yayoi Kusama, one of Japan’s most famous artists who has worked with Louis Vuitton.

10. Kota Tua

Kota Tua is described as Jakarta’s cultural heart and is brimming with things to do for both locals and tourists. Start the day at Fatahillah Square, which is home to colonial buildings and museums like the Jakarta History Museum and the Puppet Museum. Those who want to explore the rest of Kota Tua can rent a colorful sepeda ontel or antique bike. Don’t forget to refuel at Café Batavia, which has Dutch food and dim sum, or at Kedai Seni Djakarte for classic Indonesian cuisine.

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