10 Small Victories of 2016 that Prove You’re Doing Great in Your 20s

“It’s already December and I haven’t achieved anything good in my life.” Sound familiar? You are not alone.

We are just days away from concluding 2016 and most of us are hyperventilating. Who can we blame? I remember writing my 2016 bucket list last January and the next thing I know, 2017 is already greeting me hello.

Time might be the biggest tease and when life doesn’t go the way we planned, it’s easy to assume that 2016 is a cruel year. However, this mindset will not lead us anywhere. So, to tidy things up, here are the top 10 small victories of 2016 that prove you are doing great in life, even when it doesn’t feel like you are.

10 Small Victories of 2016 that Prove You’re Doing Great in Your 20s

10. You’re alive and kicking.

10 small victories of 2016 #10

The fact that you are still here is a good enough reason to celebrate. You still have time to chase the things that matter to you, say sorry to the people who hurt you, forgive the people who wronged you and love the people you cherish the most. Though these are small things, there are people out there who don’t have the time to do so.

9. You have a job.

10 small victories of 2016 #9

Even though your paycheck is microscopic and your boss is the mutation of Voldemort and Grindelwald, your job is still a blessing. Be it a job, a freelance work or a business, you are still blessed to have a source of income to finance your daily needs. Imagine if you have to beg for food and don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep tonight. Instead of pitying yourself, try putting things in the right perspective.

8. You have people who will be there when things get tough.

small victories of 2016 #8

Maybe life was rough in 2016, but if you have people who have got your back through thick and anything in-between, you are still lucky. It doesn’t have to be a long list of people; 2 to 3 friends who are willing to listen to your tantrums without judging you is enough. Fellowship is what matters most because we cannot always count on money or material things.

7. You have responsibly paid your bills and have some savings.

10 small victories of 2016 #7.a

The bank didn’t sue you; your mobile plan is still connected; and you have paid your rent. Now, those are good steps in adulting. The fact that you are trying to make ends meet is a good sign that you are becoming an independent citizen of our country. This December, try to save a part of your bonus and 13th month pay for your emergency fund. Also, go the extra mile and treat your family to a good dinner.

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6. You tried something new and risky.

10 small victories of 2016 #6

If this year includes going to a new place you’ve never been, finding a new hobby, taking risks in your career and meeting new people, then you are on the right track. Probably the biggest mistake we can make as 20-somethings is to stay in our comfort zone. So, get up and move because you are not  a tree.

5. You finally started your passion project.

10 small victories of 2016 #5

So, you love writing short stories, or are into calligraphy or making short movies? The question is: have you started it this year? If the answer is between “Yes” and “Kind Of”, then cheer up. It means that you are now walking your talk and this is where all great things begin.

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4. You have finally moved on.

10 small victories this 2016 #4

Enough with the endless hugot posts on social media. 2016 should have been the year to realize that people come and go, time flies and seasons change. There is nothing desirable about staying miserable in life and you should never let anyone steal your peace of mind. Sorry, not sorry, but holding on too much is not a sign of love; it is a sign of obsessive worship.

3. You shared your blessings.

10 small victories of 2016 #3

If you volunteered anywhere this year, have encouraged someone, extended a hand to a stranger or supported good advocacies, then you’re living a meaningful life. Keep going, pal!

2. You asked for forgiveness, you speak your mind and you are honest with yourself.

10 small victories of 2016 #2

You admit that you are still human and that you don’t know everything. You confess that you are a work in progress and you forgive yourself. You eloquently speak your mind and convictions without demeaning other people and losing without unfriending people who don’t share your views.

1. You have faith.

10 small victories of 2016 #1

If 2017 terrifies you, but you’re still hopeful that your best days are ahead of you; then you are still winning in life. True contentment is not settling with what you have, but being thankful of what you have while hoping for the best to come.

December makes young people feel like their 20s are slipping away. Yes, it is. But our 20s is never about writing the final draft, but about writing messy drafts and rewriting them over and over again. So, keep standing tall just like any millennial should and shout, “Bring it on 2017, you’ll be my year.”

How about you? Any victories this 2016 worth celebrating? Let us know in the comments section!