10 Silly Types of Client Feedback that Advertising People are Tired of Hearing

5. Approved… with Revisions

5 approved na yung project

When you’re just about to give up because you don’t have any brain cells left, the client will inform you that the project is approved. The whole team will party and you will wake up on the next day from a call.

CLIENT: “There’s a slight revision. Can you please move the logo to the left side?”

4. Kuripot Mode

4 gusto ko yung bongga pero hindi mahal

Client: “The deliverable is a 15m x 15m exhibit booth, with a marching band, revolving lighted signage, fireworks, top star ushers and so on and so forth.”

Account Executive: “Here is the design and quotation for the activation. “

Client: “I love the design, but not the cost. This is beyond our budget. Can you please make the agency fee free since this is our first project with you?”

Project Manager be like: “Wow! Sir, yung budget niyo po pang tarpaulin lang eh.”

3. The Pegs

3 gusto ko yung unique

Client: “I want a design that will become viral and that will win an award. It should be something exceptional, new and memorable advertising gimmick. Here are some samples from Google and Pinterest. Copy them, but don’t make it too obvious.”

Account Executive: “Please see attachment for the design proposal.”

Client: “Very nice, but can you make it more like the samples I gave you? You can copy it, just change the other elements and we’re good.”

Copywriter be like: “Have you heard of plagiarism?” 

2. A Little Revision

2 i need the revision at the end of teh day

Monday 11:30 am

Client: “I got your pitch. I need to tweak some elements. Hopefully you can send it this 2pm. Launching is next week. Thanks!”

Tuesday 9:30 am

Client: “This is a better design; let me tweak just little elements. Please change the background image, then think of a new tagline, make the body copy 2 sentences longer and change the font of the headline. Hope you can send it before lunch; it’s JUST a revision anyway. Thanks!”

Account Executive: “We can’t give it before lunch. Please give us until tomorrow morning.”

Client: “We will be choosing the winner this 2 pm. There are only 2 agencies that are competing for this project. 1 pm. Non-negotiable.”

1. Gulong ng Logo

1 please make the logo bigger

DAY 1:

Client: “Please make the logo BIGGER so people can see and remember it.”

DAY 2:

Client: “Kindly move the logo to the LEFT side and make it BIGGER. Thanks!”

DAY 3:

Client: “Move the logo to the RIGHT side and make it BIGGER. It’s too small. Thanks!”

DAY 4:

“I think the logo is occupying too much space. Please make it SMALLER, but make it two logos, one on the LEFT and another on the RIGHT.”

DAY 5:

Perfect logo!, I love it.

Note: Not all clients are like this, but when you meet one, your advertising life will turn upside down. Who can relate?

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