10 Silly Types of Client Feedback that Advertising People are Tired of Hearing

An advertising job can be awesome and exciting, whether you are a sales person or a creative junkie. Add to that the time flexibility, artistic nature, hip office culture and salary perks. Then again, though, there is no such thing as a perfect day job. So, for fun, here are a few things advertising people may get tired of hearing from their clients.

PS: Clients, we still love you. (hahaha!)

10 Silly Types of Client Feedback that Advertising People are Tired of Hearing

10. The Artistic Edge

gawin mo na lang yung design ko

Week 1:

Client: “I appreciate your proposal, but I already have something in mind. Here’s my sketch. Please edit it on Photoshop.”

Week 2:

Client: “I have another design in mind. Please edit it, so I can compare it to the first one.”

Week 3:

Account Executive: “Based on the meeting we had last week with your company, there are some key points that your boss pointed out. We would like to propose a design to address those concerns.”

Client: “Never mind them. Just do my design.”

Creative team be like “Sir, may opening po kami ng copywriter… baka gusto niyo po magapply?)

9. The Fast Revision

9 are you done with the 2nd pitch

Latest revision comes at around 9 am, and as you are attaching the revised design, the client sends you an e-mail at 2pm:

Client: “Please see list below for the revisions provided by our in-house creative team:

1. Change the color of the header.

2. Please use the following pantone.

3. Please see my sketch and revise the whole design. Thanks!

Account Executive: “Cancel the attachment, make a new job order and give it to the graphic artist.”

 Graphics artist be like “Mabilis pa yung revision ni client kesa sa internet natin!”

8. “Ako ang Target Market”

8 target matket lahat

Account Executive: “Here’s the executive summary. Based on our research, the target market of your product is Class C, Female, ages 19 to 26.

Client: “No, this is an international company. Please make it for male and female, Class A, B, C, D, E, ages zero and up, nationwide.”

Account Executive: “I’m afraid we cannot do that. Ads must have a specific target audience.”

Client: “Specific! Correct. I am the target market. I’ll know when it’s the perfect and final output. Thanks!”

Ad people be like “Ma’am, ba’t di natin isama sa target market yung mga alien?”

7. The Mission Impossible

7 pwede bang mas darker pa yung black

Client: “There is something wrong with the color of our logo. It should be red, but reddish black that looks like magenta, but not really because it’s slightly pinkish. Please fix it.”

Account Executive: “The color proofing that I sent you is the same pantone that you are using in all your packaging for years Ma’am.”

Client: “No. It’s not. We have to change it. It’s not pleasing to the eye.”

Artist be like: “Ma’am, kung papalitan ko kulay niyan baka kasuhan tayo ng CEO niyo.”

6. Back at One

6 I prefer your 1st idea

Evolution of client feedback:

1st design: “Can I have another design? I need something more appealing and catchy.”

2nd to 5th design: “So far, so good. We are close to coming up with an award-winning campaign. For now, let’s tweak this and that.”

6th to 10th revision: “Please make the logo bigger and move it to the left.”

11th to 20th revision: “I mean bigger logo, but not too big. Now, make it smaller.”

After more revisions and more brain cells falling out from the creative team:

90th to 100th revision: “We are launching our product in a couple of weeks, so we really need to finalize everything. By the way, we agreed to approve your 1st design.”

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