10 “Safe Havens” in FEU for When Nature Calls

Words and photos by Franchesca Nicole Collantes

Imagine this. You eat breakfast, hurriedly head to school, dreading getting stuck (forever) in traffic. Only to arrive on time but immediately get your name called by the professor. After sighing a breath of relief you start to feel uneasy, queasy in your seat, sweating profusely, hairs you never knew existed on your body start to rise up. Then there it is. You feel like the lower part of your body is in need of a “safe haven.”

This is when you know, it’s time to head to the gems of which most schools are built upon. The holy grails of grailsthe restroom!

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We’ll be exploring the where of where’s to do your deeds. Don’t forget to read till the end to find out where the “hidden havens” in FEU are found. To start of the list we have:

10. Technology Building

“Home of the tech students in FEU,” their new building was built last 2014. A comfort room near the library located on the 14th floor is the savior when you feel that you want to do the number 2. If you have the ninja moves, you may also try the 16th floor comfort room, which is for the admins only. Sadly, FEU Main students are not allowed to enter the building unless they have a swimming class there.

9. Law Building, 4th floor


This building is the home of the Architecture and Fine Arts students. Majority of the students suggested that it is good to do the number 2 here especially on the fourth floor because their CR is peaceful, quiet, and most of all, clean.

P.S.: Avoid using the CR at LB 1st floor for number 2. Lots of students use that CR, most of the time.

8. Arts Building, 2nd floor


As home of the Arts and the Sciences people, the comfort rooms in this building are always clean. Some students suggested that it is good for number 2 as there are vendo machines inside the comfort room and is always clean. But there’s a downside because lots of students go to the AB comfort rooms, and some really just chit-chat. One student suggests that it’s better to do number 2 here when classes are ongoing to avoid the crowd.

P.S: There is a comfort room located near the Arts Building Gym 5th floor which is exclusive for the athletes. Just don’t forget to unleash your ninja moves if you don’t want to get caught. :p

7. Nursing Building, 6th floor


This building was renovated in preparation for the Senior High program. The comfort rooms are as good as new. When I first entered FEU, the comfort rooms in this building were not as good as it is now. Although, there was a rumor before that when you go to this comfort room alone, you will feel a “presence”. Creepy.

6. Education Building, 4th-5th floor

eb  Known as the “home of the educators and the business people in FEU,” some students say it is peaceful to do the number 2 here especially on weekends because there are a few students who stay in the Education building.

P.S.: This building has a secret comfort room located at the Education Building canteen near the Tapaeng’s. Just go straight to the left and enter the door!

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