10 “Ronda Rousey KO” Memes that will make you laugh

It’s been days since Ronda Rousey’s surprising knockout happened, but the internet isn’t done talking about it.

Memes of Ronda’s KO have popped up and are sweeping the internet. Of course, we can’t resist a good meme compilation, so here’s some funny memes we dug up:

1. It’s time to sleep, Rousey

ronda meme (3)

2. Even Drake’s worried  about Ronda…

ronda meme (6)

3. Because he could’ve blocked that one!

ronda meme (7)

4. When Ronda woke up she was like:

ronda meme

5. Shawn Michaels connects! 

ronda meme (1)

6. Simba, that’s not your father

ronda meme (10)

7. Sonic, is that you?

ronda meme (9)

8. Did she change here last name?

ronda meme (8)

9. The Radiohead has a new album

ronda meme (2)

10.Looks like Bill Cosby is planning something

ronda meme (4)

BONUS! 11. Ronda took a hit from… um… who is he again?

ronda meme (5)

Which meme did you like? have any more memes to share with us?


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