10 Reasons Why Star Wars Newbies Should Give the Movie a Chance

Article by Matt Angeles.

Okay, so I just got home from watching Star Wars! Finally!!!!!!

I must say this about Star Wars: JJ Abrams did a really awesome job! So many familiar elements were used, but you can really see the modern elements blend right smack into it! Choice for a director was definitely spot on! For the many people who do not like Star Wars and think I’m a fool for being so enthusiastic about it, let me try and sway your perception a bit first.

Empty your mind of any preconceived notion of what you think it is.

Many people say they don’t like watching Star Wars and will never watch it, and I respect that… but I am really hoping you give this movie a chance! It’s more than just an overrated sci-fi film! And here’s why:

10 Reasons Why Star Wars Newbies Should Give the Movie a Chance

10. The whole Star Wars saga transcends the definition of a movie. It’s an experience. And no, I’m not talking about the futuristic theme and effects! It’s an experience because it’s a reflection of what we all have and are still going through.

9. It teaches us that friendship can be found in the most unexpected places, and the most unusual friendships can last a lifetime!

8. It teaches us that we never leave anyone behind, not because we just don’t want to, but because we can’t… we suddenly develop real relationships with people, whether romantically or just platonic.

7. It teaches us that we have a role in the wars we all go through and that everyone can go through their own battles even while fighting for something much bigger!

6. It teaches us that these friends are the reason why we’re able to go through our own battles and ultimately win the victory over the war!

star wars han solo chewie

5. The force teaches us the value of balance, the struggle of a good Jedi to crossover the dark side and why sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t. It teaches us that we’re all vulnerable, we all have our own fears and that ultimately, just like God, even if the the force is with us, the choice is with us too, to decide to seek the light or join the dark side and ultimately, our choices do not define us. We define us and we believe it because we think we’ve made wrong choices and that it’s all our fault.

4. It teaches us that parents play a vital role in their children’s growth and that children affect and can change their parents too.

3. It teaches us, finally, in this latest episode, that death is real and it too can come from the most unexpected place and come from the most unexpected characters.

2. It teaches us that even stormtroopers have stories and they can be more than just extras, that they can be real characters.

1. And finally, it teaches us that sometimes there are no happy endings but we keep fighting, even if faced with certain doom, because we rightfully believe that even in the face of death, our death, we can use it to help others live.

So, you see… when you tell someone Star Wars is just a movie, you now also know why it hurts them that you think they’re a fool for obsessing. It’s not just a movie for some people. For them, it’s their childhood, it’s their dreams, it’s their hope, it’s their aspiration, it’s their escape, it’s one of the things that show them that there is complexity in life, but that is no reason to give up.

I seriously cried and got goosebumps while and after watching.

Article by Matt Angeles.