10 Products to Buy for Your Kitchen Faucet and Sink

Want to upgrade your kitchen faucet and sink to make them extra functional and useful? There’s no need for a major overhaul! Just add these simple yet nifty gadgets and accessories and instantly make your sinks and faucets feel brand new.

Here are 10 cool products to buy from Shopee for your kitchen faucet and sink:

10. Faucet Nozzle

faucet nozzle 1

Photo from Shopee

This easy-to-attach faucet nozzle allows you to add a whole lot of reach to any faucet. The flexible nozzle provides a 360-degree movement that can help you reach even the corners of your sink. It also allows you to switch between varieties of pressure modes that you can use according to your needs. Buy this faucet nozzle here!

9. Sink Caddy

sink caddy

Photo from Shopee

This attachable sink caddy will help you keep your sink surroundings clutter-free. This caddy can be attached to your faucet, adding lots of usable sink space. It also allows your sponge and other cleaning materials to dry out easily thanks to the holes in the bottom. Buy this sink caddy here!

8. Soap Dish

soap dish

Photo from Shopee

No one wants slimy soap. This soap dish makes sure that all the water is drained out of it and that the soap dries up after you use it. It’s easy to set up in the corner of your sink, plus it features a stylish minimalist design. Buy this soap dish here!

7. Water Barrier

water barrier

Photo from Shopee

This water barrier will help you keep the rest of your sink dry even when you’re washing a huge pile of dishes. Just stick this to the edges of your sink and it will easily keep water from dripping onto the surrounding areas. This is sure to prevent your shirt from getting wet, too—just in case you don’t like wearing an apron. Buy this water barrier here!

6. Expandable Drying Rack

drying rack

Photo from Shopee

In case you need additional space in your kitchen to dry your dishes after washing them, this expandable drying rack is a great option. No assembly or installation is required—just set it on top of your sink and you can easily use it as a drying rack or extra storage. Because of its expandable feature, it’s also easy to use with whatever size of sink you have. Buy this expandable drying rack here!

5. Drain Basket

drain basket

Photo from Shopee

Do you also struggle with keeping food bits out of your kitchen sink? This drain basket will make your life easier. Just install it to the corner of your sink and you’ll never have to pick out any stray food bits out of your sink drain. Pour out your leftover soups and see this basket filter out the liquids and solids. Buy this drain basket here!

4. Automatic Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser 1

Photo from Shopee

Now that hand-washing is an even bigger part of our daily lives, it makes sense to find gadgets that will make that even easier—such as this automatic soap dispenser. It has a minimalist design that will make your sink area look luxurious. Buy this automatic soap dispenser here!

3. Faucet Filter

faucet filter

Photo from Shopee

You won’t ever have to buy drinking water again with this faucet filter. Install it to your faucet spout and it will filter the water in real-time to instantly make it drinkable. Say goodbye to huge water gallon containers with this faucet filter. Buy this faucet filter here!

2. Faucet Sensor

faucet sensor 1

Photo from Shopee

Want to instantly turn your kitchen or bathroom smarter? This automatic faucet sensor is a must-have. Make hand-washing automated and hands-free with this easy-to-install gadget! Buy this faucet sensor here!

1. Touchless Pullout Faucet

kohler faucet

Photo from Kohler

This particular faucet has a number of cool features that will make your sink feel like a million bucks. It features a touchless on/off sensor for hands-free washing, a pullout nozzle that will help you reach your sink’s nooks and crannies, and a MasterClean® spray face feature that’s easy to clean and withstands mineral buildup. Buy this touchless pullout faucet here!

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