10 Pretty Filipina Courtside Reporters We Love

Pinoys LOVE basketball: FACT. Maybe it’s the heart-thumping action of it all, the surge of energy on the courts, or the all-out passion players put into the game, or all of it that gets the entire nation glued onto the screen. But in the middle of the rage on the courts, there are courtside reporters that provide that breath of fresh air in the midst of all that excitement and –dare we say it– testosterone that just makes us stare at the TV even more! Besides that charming screen presence, it doesn’t help indeed that they are all easy on the eyes.

So whether it’s for the collegiate leagues or the pros, here are the ten pretty Filipina courtside reporters we love! This list is in no particular order, so feel free to fall in love all you want for these reporters that prove they’re more than just pretty faces.

10 Pretty Filipina Courtside Reporters We Love

Ira Pablo

10. Ira Pablo

Ira Pablo has the makings of a star, and no, it’s not just because she’s the daughter of PBA icon Vic Pablo. This Broadcast Communication junior from UP Diliman and NU courtside reporter for UAAP season 78 is a bit of a wunderkind: she was a finalist in the second season of the modeling show I Am Meg, did reporting for Shakeys V-League, and is one hell of a makeup artist. But if there’s anything more attractive than all those, it’s that she’s a go-getter: she auditioned to be a UAAP courtside reporter two years ago but didn’t make the cut, but that didn’t stop her from trying again. Now, we get to see her radiant beauty onscreen whenever the collegiate league champs play.


Jeanine Tsoi

9. Jeanine Tsoi

Jeanine Tsoi from DLSU is reporting for her alma mater for the second time in the UAAP, and we couldn’t be happier. This chinita is not only super smart (she’s an Industrial Management Engineering student!), Jeanine seems to be also bitten by the travel bug– we don’t know about you, but we would follow this lady wherever she’d go… as long as she’d let us, of course.


Laura Lehmann

8. Laura Lehmann

Laura’s only in her second year in the Ateneo, yet she seems to be outgrowing the UAAP format fast. This courtside reporter/college student/model/beauty queen (that’s a lot of slashes for her age!) is obviously multi-talented and pretty seasoned in captivating viewers whenever the Ateneo Blue Eagles are out to play. With that kind of charisma, we can’t help but hope that she graduates fast so we can see her report for the pros!


Mara Aquino

7. Mara Aquino

Recently “graduating” from collegiate basketball and moving on to the pros is the charming Mara Aquino, having captured viewers’ hearts as a courtside reporter for the NCAA last year. It seems that the Filipino-Canadian stunner has no problem filling in bigger shoes as she stands alongside the gorgeous reporters of the PBA on Moneyball. They say she’s bubbly and energetic, and it seems to shine through her fun posts on Instagram. The kind you’d like to take home to meet Mom? Definitely.


Myrtle Sarrosa

6. Myrtle Sarrosa

There’s something about Myrtle that makes your head turn no matter what she does– whether in a cosplay suit or in a dress made to kill, which is probably the exact reason why she was chosen as this year’s sole courtside reporter for the NCAA. Myrtle has this affable energy you can’t shake off, plus the fact that she’s also smoking hot. We’re glad we get to see her host again, this time in the middle of the heart-stopping action of basketball!

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