10 Possible Jobs for Mass Comm Graduates

5. Host

TV Host, VJ or Events Host – these are just a few things that you can look into. If you are good at talking in English and/or Filipino, you can always find a ‘raket’ in this field, if not a regular job!


4. Musician

Mass Communications Graduates can be the ultimate performer. If you were part of the group that used to perform at every general assembly, then you might want to take a chance at a hit, a label or a record.


3. Social Media Specialist

Do you like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Posting all the time and using hashtags? One of the biggest jobs nowadays is for Social Media Specialists. You just need to know how to use social media properly, use SEO and other applications that can measure the audience, and reach and interact with a brand’s audience.


2. Digital Marketing Officer

Working for brand and marketing is really nice, especially if you believe in the brand you are working for. You need a pulse for what makes people tick, especially those who are always online, including plans and tactics that may appeal to the digital market.


1. Blogger

If you like writing, taking photos and sharing stories online, then being a blogger would be perfect for you. It is a career nowadays because many brands are investing in blogs and online influencers.


So there you have it. What is your dream job right now? Share your thoughts with us! 🙂

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