10 Possible Jobs for Mass Comm Graduates

Having a degree in Mass Communications gives you a lot of options, whether you have a Major in Broadcasting, Journalism, Theater, Advertising or Public Relations. The Media and Entertainment industry is getting bigger and jobs are opening up everywhere. These companies are looking for young talented and promising individuals that can keep up with a fast-paced environment.

Graduation season is coming up and if you are worried what job to find or where the road will lead you, you may want to check these out:

10 Possible Jobs for Mass Comm Graduates

10. Theater Actor

If your Major is Theater or had a really fun class similar to it, then you may have a shot at being a Theater Performer. Be it a musical, variety show or drama, you can always audition to see if you are up to the challenge. You can try getting in touch with PETA, Repertory Philippines, 9Works Theatrical, Gantimpala Theater and Sipat Lawin among others for this.


9. Reporter

If you had a Major in Broadcasting, it might be your dream to become a Television Reporter. However, you will have to make your way up, starting as a ‘beat reporter’, which focuses on daily news. Most of the time, newbie reporters are assigned to the Police Beat where you get news about the latest crimes.


8. Producer/Production Coordinator

Aside from being in front of an audience, Mass Communication Graduates are really good behind the scenes. A Producer carefully plans a show or segment that will be aired, while a Production Coordinator takes care of how a shoot will be done – from shoot permits to talents to venues to event talent fees.


7. PR/Communications Officer

If you like talking to people, then a PR or Communications Post might be a good fit for you. This involves building relationships with the Media and making your brand visible in different Media Organizations. This also involves Crisis Management and inviting media, VIPs and celebrities to events.


6. Film Maker

With the dawn of Indie Films among us, it is a good time to become a Film Maker. The industry is getting bigger and is more open to artistic films that can be about anything and everything under the sun.


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