10 Podcaster Quotes You Need To Hear To Escape Procrastination Nation

Do you tend to do things at the last minute despite having ample time to do them?

Well, it looks like you’re a member of the procrastination nation. You relax and believe that “tomorrow is another day” until the deadline comes without a single task accomplished on your plate. Then, you clutch everything and regret losing that wasted time that could’ve made your work even better.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry because getting out of that hellhole isn’t impossible.

These Filipino podcasters are here to motivate and remind you of the things you need to hear when faced with the evil whispers of procrastination.

“The root of our procrastination is fear. We avoid tasks because we know that they

are pushing us somewhere we don’t want to go to yet.”

– Ayn Bernos of Camp Confidence 

Miss Universe Philippines contender and podcast co-host Ayn Bernos explains why fear and hesitancy lead to procrastination in the 45th episode of Camp Confidence titled, “Our best productivity hacks.” Camp Confidence is co-hosted by Rizza Lana-Sebastian, who’s also an entrepreneur like Bernos.


“Do it before your brain starts giving you the reasons why you should not do it. Don’t give five seconds to

think when you want to do something. Just do it right now and carry off the momentum.”

– Alec Cuenca of Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca

Podcaster and Tiktok star Alec Cuenca shares a tip on how to avoid procrastination in his “One Trick to Stop Procrastinating” episode. For him, having the right mindset and avoiding negativity is a great way to avoid procrastination. So block off those negative energy before doing that task!


“Your subconscious mind has a lot to do with the output of your life. It has the power to believe in the

things you say to yourself–even if there are days when you don’t fully believe in it.”

– Cara Eriguel of After 30 with Cara Eriguel

Podcaster and former O-Shopping host Cara Eriguel admits that there will be days when you don’t feel like believing in yourself. But as long as you give positive affirmations to yourself, you can definitely gain that motivation in doing your to-do list. Fake it ‘til you make it, as they say!



“Five-second rule: The moment I tell myself that I have to do something, I give myself an ultimatum of

five seconds to move and act towards that task.”

– Sir Fitz Villafuerte of The 80 Percent

In times of doubt, do the five-second count.

For Sir Fitz Villafuerte of The 80 Percent, giving yourself a five-second rest is effective when dealing with heavy amounts of workload. This helps alert your mind to do the task head-on with more focus and clarity.


“Being inspired sounds great but what would you do with inspiration if you don’t do anything about it?”

– Janeena Chan of Rise Up with Janeena Chan

Podcaster and TV host Janeena Chan highlights the importance of executing all your plans instead of leaving them in your imagination. In her “Why Motivation Alone is not Enough” episode, she says that being inspired is not enough in getting things done. At the end of the day, it’s still the actions and finished tasks that truly matter.


“One of the things we do, as human beings, is we allow ourselves to sulk and then make those

emotions as an excuse to not excel anymore.”

– Joyce Pring during her guesting on Life in Progress with Angely Dub

Joyce Pring gives multiple juicy quotes in her Life in Progress guesting as she talks to Angely Dub in its 28th episode called The Beauty of an Unpredictable Life. In the episode, she urges listeners to think rationally and not dwell on their emotions too much when thinking of their goals and to-dos.


“You set goals to win the game. You set systems to continue playing the game.”

– Mish from mishconceptions

For Mish, being a “goal digger” isn’t enough to balance 48 hours in 24 hours. In the podcast, she points out that consistency is the key to get things done without giving in to laziness or lack of motivation.


“Sometimes, just simply trying out something without knowing what will come out of it might lead to surprising things.”

– Karina Dayrit during her guesting on Sage Conversations

Katrina Dayrit shares the importance of taking the leap in the 30th episode of Sage Conversations titled, “Celebrating Multipotentialism.” Sage Conversations is a podcast hosted by wellness practitioners Michiko, Roanna, and Mara that recently joined Podcast Network Asia.


“At least I tried is my motto. And that is where I am right now— trying to put one foot in front of the other until it becomes a thing.”

– Myrza Sison during her guesting on The Eve’s Drop

Myrza Sison from You Can Do This! joins The Eve’s Drop gang where she shares the technique to living your life to the fullest: trying. By constantly trying and doing things outside your comfort zone, you can do more productive things rather than procrastinating.

“Gawin mong reward system ‘yung bagay na mas gusto mo sanang gawin and baka mas maging productive ka pa non.”

– Ed from Typical Pinoy Crap

In Typical Pinoy Crap’s Ep. 30: Toxic Co-workers, Procrastination, Valentine’s Day, Ed advises his listeners to love the things you do in order to be more productive. By doing this, you’re treating it as a reward and not something you hate doing.