10 Must-Do’s in Manila: Philippine Daily Inquirer feature of WhenInManila.com




The Philippine Daily Inquirer asked WhenInManila.com to come up with our 10 favorite things to do “When In Manila!” I was, of course, glad to oblige.




Pick up your copy of the July 31, 2010 Saturday edition of The Philippine Daily Inquirer.


See a summary of my 10 Must-Do’s in the Metro article below with links to the posts we had for them here on WhenInManila.com. Check those internal links to get more info, see pics and watch the video of our favorite must-do’s in Manila.




Here are the top 10 things to do in Manila!

10 Must-Do’s in the Metro:


1. Be an artsy fartsy – Cubao X

2. Run like Forest or skate like Hawk – around the Fort

3. Adventure eating – Zenses Neo Shnaghai Cuisine

4. Get lost in a desert of dessert – Dezato Café

5. When it’s all at stake – Melo’s Steak Restaurant

6. Freestyle in the Park – Parkour running in Luneta

7. Avocado like never before – Lia’s Cakes

8. Movie and a massage… at the same time! – BlueWater Day Spa

9. Learn to drive your car sideways – Drift school

10. Take it to the streets – Street food



You can read the full article: “10 Must-Do’s in the Metro” from The Philippine Daily Inquirer here – http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/super/super/view/20100731-284058/10-must-dos-in-the-Metro


Anywayz, do remember that When In Manila, check out WhenInManila.com to see all the coolest things to do in and around the Philippines!




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