10 Kitchen Tools You Need for Your Next Korean Feast at Home

Planning another Korean dinner at home while binge-watching your favorite K-drama? Better stock up on new kitchen tools that will make your Korean night feel extra legit! If you want to shop for your pseudo-Korean kitchen, here are some of our recommendations from Shopee!

10. Korean Stone Bowl


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This stone bowl is perfect for your steamed egg or your choice of rice meal. It’s sturdy and heavy-duty thanks to its high-quality material. You can choose the size that would be perfect for your appetite. It even includes a tray, and you can add a tong for easier handling.

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9. Kimbap Roller

kimbap roller

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If you’re obsessed with kimbap, you can enjoy making it at home with this kimbap roller! This nifty gadget allows you to easily roll up rice and your choice of fillings, plus you can even choose the shape of your roll—whether it’s round, square, heart-shaped, or triangle. This set has complete tools, and it even has spaces for easy slicing!

Buy this kimbap/sushi roller here!

8. Korean Electric Grill

korean grill

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Of course, what’s a Korean meal without good old-fashioned Korean-style barbeque? This massive electric gill will make your KBBQ nights a lot easier. It has a massive capacity so that you can easily cook all of the pork and beef you have prepared.

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7. Stainless Steel Tongs

food tongs

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To easily and perfectly cook your Korean BBQ, you’ll need a trusty pair of tongs. This stainless steel food tongs will help you cook your meat perfectly. Its size and design make it super easy to handle. Plus, because it’s made out of stainless steel so it’s sure to last a long time.

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6. Sauce Plate

sauce plate

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For the perfect sauces that will give intense flavor to your Korean BBQ, you’ll need these iconic sauce plates. It features 3 partitions for easy access to all your sauce choices. You can even use these sauce plates for your side dishes.

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5. Korean-Style Ramen Pot

ramen pot

Photo from Shopee

You’ll feel like the star of your own K-drama with this iconic ramen pot. Because of its style and design, it’s also usually used as your bowl right after cooking your favorite instant ramen. This pot is definitely a must-have if you love your instant ramen.

Buy this Korean-style ramen pot here!

4. Herb Cutter

herb cutter

Photo from Shopee

This herb cutter will cut down on your food preparation time. It’s essentially a pair of scissors with more layers for easy chopping. This is perfect if you love fresh herbs on your favorite Korean stew.

Buy this herb cutter here!

3. Korean-Style Steel Bowl

stainless steelbowls

Photo from Shopee

If you love a variety of side dishes, soups, and rice with your Korean-style meal, these stainless steel bowls are must-haves. Because of the size and style, they’re easy to store when stacked but allows for more food variety on your table when needed. You probably remember these stainless steel bowls when you ask for (unlimited) rice in your favorite samgyupsal restaurant.

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2. Korean-Style Utensils

korean utensilset

Photo from Shopee

For the complete Korean meal experience, you’ll need the right utensils. This utensil set includes a slim-style spoon, fork, and a pair of chopsticks. You can also choose the color of your set to easily match your kitchen aesthetic.

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1. Pink Mini Gas Stove

pink gas stove

Photo from Shopee

This stylish pink mini gas stove is such eye candy. It features a gorgeous minimalist design with a pastel pink color that’s easy on the eyes. It’s perfect for cooking your ramen, Korean stew, or even your Korean BBQ on your tabletop.

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What’s your favorite Korean meal? Share it with us!

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