10 Cutest Male Radio DJs in Manila… Part 2!

We know, we know… it’s tough coming up with these “hottest” lists! Just last month, after we released a list of Manila’s prettiest radio DJs, we went crazy over a list of the hottest male radio DJs as well! Believe you me, there is so much hotness going around Manila, especially on the radio! So it seems like an injustice to these good-looking DJs that they don’t get some love. Because they don’t just sound fine… they look damn fine as well behind the radio booth! And because you asked for it… here’s Part 2 of the hottest male radio DJs!

10 Hottest Men on Radio: Manila’s Cutest Male DJs… Part 2!


Red DJs 

25. Red Calayan – Jam 88.3

They say humor is sexy, and if that’s the case, then Jam 88.3 DJ (and When In Manila writer!) Red Calayan is oozing with sex appeal! This funny guy is on his show Republik every Sunday at 9AM on Jam 88.3, and usually off somewhere cracking people up with his one-liners and insane Photoshop skills (as well as hilarious articles like this April Fools post!). A guy who can make us laugh with his goofy antics is definitely a check on our list!


Jobim DJs

24. Jobim Javier – Jam 88.3

If you’ve got a thing for guys with dry humor, then Jobim of Jam 88.3 is right up your alley. Follow him on Twitter and keep tabs on his tweets, which can range from intriguing, to slightly amusing, and just downright funny. A date with this guy probably means you’ll have to sharpen up on your music, sarcasm, and wit to keep up,but it seems like the rewards will be worth it.


Jay DJs

23. Jay Abastillas – RX 93.1

RX 93.1’s resident super facial hair-wearing DJ is as charming and scruffy as they come, with his wit and mischievous smile. But don’t let his playful demeanor fool you, as he can also launch into his sensitive side when doing hugot sessions with partner Lexy on The Daily Survey. And really, what’s more adorable than a bearded witty guy with a sensitive side?


Dannie DJs

22. DannieBoi/ Dannie Farmer – Wave 89.1 

We love guys with a strong presence just like Dannie, who’s also an R&B and hip-hop DJ! But what we love most about Dannie is that beneath the bad boy appearance is actually a humble guy, who’s a doting single dad to his daughter! Just check out his Instagram– most of his photos are actually selfies with his adorable kid! You’ve got to admire that about him.

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