10 Hot Chocolate Drinks to Warm Your Day

Mornings and evenings are starting to get cooler. We now sleep cooped up in one corner of the bed and covered with a thick blanket. We crave for a hot beverage when wake up in the morning just to feel warmer (and awake) for the day ahead.

With the weather getting even colder as Christmas season comes near (September is less than two months away), here are some of our favorite hot chocolate drink that can console the chill (or hopefully thaw your ex’s frozen heart).

10. Hot Chocolate (Craft Coffee Revolution)

Hot Chocolate Craft Coffee

Popular for their hipster-ish coffee, Craft Coffee Revolution also serves a soothing cup of hot chocolate. Since they are coffee connoisseurs, they have somewhat perfect latte arts, which they also do on their hot chocolate drink. Hence, an artsy cup of choco. (Their frozen brazo is not to miss!)

9. Taza de Xocolat (Xocolat)

Hot Chocolate Xocolat

It looks like “champorado” but it actually is a serving of steaming and thick chocolate. It served with cookies and marshmallows on the side to complete the treat. It looks good and it is comforting to drink.

8. Hot Chocolate Valrhona (Dolcelatte)

Hot Chocolate Dolcelatte

They describe this as the perfect distraction to a rainy day. Have to agree with them.

7. Hot Chocolate (Rustic Mornings)

Hot Chocolate Rustic Mornings

A favorite breakfast spot in the metro, Rustic Mornings offers an awesome breakfast fare. Of course, if you’re dropping by, try their hot chocolate drink.

6. Hot Belgian (Magnum Opus)

Hot Chocolate Magnum Opus Hot Belgian

Known for their Belgian Heartbreaker, the hot chocolatey version sans coffee is the Hot Belgian. If you love the coffee, you’ll like the chocolate version too.

5. Hot Chocolate Valrhona (Single Origin)

Hot Chocolate Single Originx

Although Single Origin is known for coffee, they also have a nice cup of hot chocolate. This beverage has 65% dark Valrhona chocolate that is topped with textured milk.

4. Spanish Tablea (Cafe Enye)

Hot Chocolate Cafe Enye

More popular for their scrumptious brunch offerings and Spanish food with a twist, Cafe Enye has an amazing hot chocolate drink on their menu. When it’s raining, consider it the perfect partner (with some emo music as background). The Spanish tablea is rich and thick, but you can douse it with milk to tweak it according to your liking. The nice colorful cups help too.

3. Hot Chocolate (Mary Grace)

Hot Chocolate Mary Grace

If you’ve tried Mary Grace’s chocolate cakes selection, you know what to expect on their hot chocolate. Expect a delicious warm cup of thick and rich chocolate. And they won’t disappoint.

2. Salted Hot Chocolate (Books and Borders)

Hot Chocolate Books and Borders

This drink is divine. It is creamy and thick, and a perfect combination of salty, bitter, and sweet. Drinking it feels like its playing with your taste buds. It’s comforting and entertaining at the same time.

1. The Angelina’s (La Creperie)

Hot Chocolate La Creperie

A personal favorite (and it won’t disappoint, swear!) is La Creperie’s Angelina. This rich, thick, and creamy chocolate beverage will console the chills, physically and emotionally. It is not too bitter or too sweet, but actually a gastronomic treat to your palate.

Feeling a bit chilly? Try these hot chocolate drinks and instantly feel the warm hug in a cup. 🙂

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