10 Home Appliances to Splurge on This Mother’s Day

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year, then you can probably agree that the mothers in our lives deserve only the best of the best.

Still looking for the perfect gift for her? If you have a sizeable budget for your Mother’s Day gift, here are a few home appliances you can splurge on that we’re sure she’ll appreciate.

10. Smart TV

devant smart tv

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Your mother will enjoy watching her favorite shows and movies during her relaxing time with this 43-inch smart TV. With such a wide screen, HD visuals, and built-in smart apps, this TV will be a great Mother’s Day gift, especially if the whole family loves bonding together over shows and the latest films. Buy this 43-inch smart TV here!

9. Inverter Aircon

inverter aircon

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Honestly, our mothers don’t deserve to endure the sweltering heat of this summer. So, for this Mother’s Day, you can get this inverter air-conditioning unit to make sure that she’s feeling cool and comfortable all summer. Because it’s an inverter air-con, it also won’t make too much of a dent in your electric bill. Buy this window-type inverter aircon here!

8. Automatic Washing Machine

automatic washing machine

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This automatic washing machine will make her extra happy, especially if she has to conquer piles of laundry every week. With this automatic washing machine (which lots of Moms online have already raved so much about), it’s so much easy to get the laundry done. The whole household would be excited to help out with the laundry, too, because of how easy it is to use. Buy this automatic washing machine here!

7. Robot Vacuum

robot vacuum

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Your mom won’t ever have to be stressed with dirty floors again with this robot vacuum. If the people in your home can’t clean for themselves, then let this robot vacuum do the cleaning for everyone. Just turn it on and let it do all the work. It can even do both sweeping/vacuuming and mopping. That’s one chore that no one has to fight over. Buy this robot vacuum here!

6. Instant Pot

instant pot

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If your mom loves to cook hearty meals for the whole family, she will definitely enjoy this Instant Pot. With its wide variety of functions, it’s a lot easier to cook meals—just put in all the ingredients, press a button, and you can all enjoy a great meal in less than an hour. Plus, it’s also a rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and more in just one pot. Buy this Instant pot here!

5. Gas Range

gas range

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Another gift option for your mom who loves to cook is this gas range. With 3 gas burners, this will make it easier to cook a variety of dishes all at once—perfect for experimenting in the kitchen. It also comes with a built-in oven for her baking experiments, as well. Buy this gas range here!

4. Dishwasher


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“Who gets to wash the dishes?” is an argument your mother never has to hear again with this automatic dishwasher. This will definitely make daily meals and cooking a lot more convenient, especially when you know that no one has to spend precious moments washing used dishes. You’ll just have to load up the dishes into this machine, add the soap, and turn it on. You can have freshly cleaned dishes in no time. Buy this automatic dishwasher here!

3. Air Fryer

air fryer

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In case your mother still hasn’t had the opportunity to go with the air fryer trend, this Mother’s Day is your chance to gift her with one. This air fryer has a 5L capacity, a stylish minimalist design, and easy-to-use controls. She’ll definitely enjoy cooking with this air fryer at home. Buy this air fryer here!

2. Refrigerator

inverter ref

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If your home has been in need of a ref replacement for a while, this is your time to get a new one. This inverter two-door fridge is a great option! It has a larger capacity for more food storage, a variety of compartments, and it even features an inverter for less electric consumption. Buy this inverter refrigerator here!

1. Espresso Machine

espresso machine

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Anyone deserves to have freshly brewed coffee every morning, especially your mother! So, give her her very own espresso machine at home! With this espresso machine, your mother can enjoy her very own coffee recipes at home—complete with a milk steamer, too. Every morning will be a great morning for your mom, for sure. Buy this espresso machine here!

You can definitely find more Mother’s day gift ideas from Shopee here!

What are you planning to get your mom this year? Share it with us!

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