10 Hilarious Call Center #Hugot Lines That Will Make You ROFL

Filipinos are undoubtedly loving and caring. This is why we are so emotional. In fact, according to the article published by The Guidon, as we emerge into this digital age, our attitude towards love becomes a “modern melancholy.”

Interestingly, these hugot lines are proven to be versatile and can be applied to any kind of emotion. For example, the hardships call center workers go through on the phone. Such was the latest craze VXI Philippines pulled off on Facebook: they asked ALL call center agents to come up with the wittiest and funniest call center hugot line and the results were uproarious!

Let’s start reading them, shall we?

Hugot #10: When relationships are like customers! 🙂

hugot line vxi

Hugot #9: “Please make sure that this love is for real.”

vxi hugot line

Hugot #8: When love is forever in the call center industry.

vxi hugot line

Hugot #7:  When you cannot wait anymore. 🙁

VXI hugot line

Hugot #6: Hold on, forever.

Hugot #5: Prank callers for real!

Hugot #4: No proper closure. Ouch! 🙁

Hugot #3: When forever is not enough

vxi hugot line

Hugot #2: Nagmahal. Naghintay. Hindi Dumating. Walang Forever!

vxi hugot line

Hugot #1: When you found “THE” one. 🙂

VXI Hugot Line

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to laugh and relate to these witty Filipino colloquialisms. As we flourish in this day and age, we also become more diverse in coping with emotional problems because these lines are relatable. It seems that everyone has experienced the pain because it’s universal to comment: “wow, hugot yan ah!”

To Call center agents out there, what is the best hugot line you could share with us? Let’s exchange notes by leaving a comment below!

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