10 Gift Ideas to Give the Coffee Lovers in Your Life

Coffee is a massive part of many people’s lives that they can’t go about their day without a proper cup of coffee. You most probably have a number of friends who are certified coffee addicts (if not, then it’s probably you).

What else would be a great Christmas gift for these coffee lovers but accessories and items that will help them create a great cup o’ joe all by themselves? Here are a few gift ideas from Lazada you can give your coffee addict friends:

10. Stylish Coffee Dripper Set

coffee dripset

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Sure, your coffee-obsessed friend may already have a coffee dripper at home, but what’s stopping you from giving them a new set with stylish features? This coffee dripper set features a minimalistic yet elegant design. It already includes a fashionable gooseneck kettle, a ceramic coffee dripper, a spiral filter cup holder, coffee filter papers, a coffee pot, and an electronic scale. This set makes morning coffee extra Instagrammable! Buy this stylish coffee dripper set here!

9. Portable Espresso Maker

portable espresso

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Is your friend always on the go? They’ll positively appreciate this portable espresso maker. Wherever they may be, they can easily create shots and shots of espresso thanks to this portable gadget. It’s just as big as your normal water bottle, so it won’t take up that much space. Coffee anytime, anywhere! Buy this portable espresso maker here!

8. Electric Coffee Grinder

electric grinder

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Coffee is the best when it’s as fresh as it can be. Allow your friends to enjoy grinding their own coffee grounds with this electric coffee grinder. With just a push of a button, they’ll have freshly ground coffee in no time. Plus, it doesn’t take that much space so it’s easy to haul around, too. Buy this electric coffee grinder here!

7. Cold Brew Maker

cold brew maker

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If cold brew is your friend’s go-to coffee, they’ll appreciate this cold brew maker. This bottle’s built-in coffee filter makes it super easy to make your own cold brew. No more shelling out hundreds of pesos every day just to enjoy a good cup of cold brew coffee. Buy this cold brew maker here!

6. Spoon Digital Scale

spoon scale

Photo from Lazada

This spoon features a built-in digital scale. This allows you to measure your coffee beans or grounds by gram to create that perfect cup of coffee. Aside from removing the need for an actual digital scale that takes up too much space, it also reduces the cups or dinnerware you use with each cup of coffee. It’s perfect for decluttering the coffee nook. Buy this spoon digital scale here!

5. Siphon Coffee Maker

siphon coffeemaker

Photo from Lazada

If your friend is someone who enjoys being a home barista and loves experimenting with coffee, get them this siphon coffee maker. While it may look intimidating and like it came straight out of a science lab, it produces great coffee! We’re sure that your home barista friend would enjoy brewing their coffee every morning. Buy this siphon coffee maker here!

4. Airtight Vacuum-sealed Canister

vacuum sealed canister

Photo from Lazada

Help your friends keep their coffee fresh for as long as possible by gifting them this special canister. It boasts of being extra airtight to keep that freshness inside for longer. It comes in a beautiful black color and has a capacity of 500 grams. Buy this airtight vacuum-sealed canister here!

3. Heating Coaster

heating coaster

Photo from Lazada

This heating coaster is definitely a must for anyone who loves to savor their cup of coffee but hates it when it becomes cold. With this heating coaster, your friend can enjoy every drop of their hot coffee no matter how long it takes for them to finish it. It also features a stylish design to keep that minimalist aesthetic on their workstation. Buy this heating coaster here!

2. Coffee Syrup Sampler

coffee syrup sampler

Photo from Lazada

Spare your friend from having to buy expensive coffee every day and get them this coffee syrup sampler. They can easily recreate their favorite espresso-based drinks with just a few tablespoons of these syrups. They can even adjust according to their taste and preference. DIY coffee is the way to go! Buy this coffee syrup sampler here!

1. Espresso Machine

espresso machine

Photo from Lazada

This espresso machine is definitely a must-have for any coffee lover. It allows you to create any espresso-based drink you want at home, giving opportunities to experiment as much as possible. It also includes a milk frother so that they can experiment with latte art, too. Plus, the vintage design and teal exterior make this machine such a game-changer. Buy this espresso machine here!

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