10 Genius Ways to Use Your Toothpaste (Hint: All 10 have NOTHING to do with your teeth)

Can you imagine surviving a day without toothpaste?

I know I can’t! Because of how essential the toothpaste is to our daily habits, we see them almost everywhere and use them at least three times in a day. But apart from using them to brush our teeth, they have many other uses, too!

I didn’t believe the photos at first–until friends shared their own personal stories of how these life hacks actually worked for them! You will never see toothpaste the same way again!

10.) Toothpaste Use 2


toothpaste uses 1

8.)toothpaste uses 2

Toothpaste Use 1

Toothpaste Use 3


Toothpaste Use 4 4.) Toothpaste Use 5 3.)Toothpaste Use 6

2.)Toothpaste Use 7


Toothpaste Use 8

There are even some video tutorials showing the results to the viewers! Have you tried any of these? Do you know more uses of toothpaste apart from the ones we mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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