10 FUNNY Pinoy Ways to Entertain the APEC Guests


Pinoys are known for our hospitality. We know how to treat our guests well.

With the APEC Summit closing in, it is expected that we demonstrate this hospitality even more. Therefore, here are ten things that can be done to entertain the delegates. Most of these we say to have a few laughs, others can be taken seriously. Plus, these activities might also bring the APEC delegates closer to our local ways.

10. “Laglag-Bala” Challenge

Laglag Bala scam response 2

Of course, we’re just kidding about this. With powerful individuals coming to our country next week, we call out the authorities to step up their game and prevent this from happening.

We have already had our share of negative media exposure all over the world because of this. Let us not be the laughingstock of the world.

9. Divisoria Shopping Spree


Christmas is just around the corner. Some of our APEC delegates may want to do some shopping here and the best (meaning most inexpensive) and most Pinoy place they can shop is in Divisoria.

However, before you bring them there, teach them a thing or two on how to keep their belongings safe from pickpockets and how they can best wiggle their way through crowded stores. Also, teach them how to haggle even if they most probably don’t need to that.

And remind them of the Mabuhay Lanes to avoid *cough* traffic *cough*.

8. 32K EDSA Fun Run Challenge

Traffic sa EDSA (2)

We can put a theme on it. Something like “I Am Way Faster Than Your Sports Car on EDSA”, “May Forever”, or “I Heart Pollution” Challenge.

7. EDSA/Skyway Gran Prix

LTFRB Pink Bus (1) - featured


Using those not-so-well-maintained buses that they run like motorcycles on a freeway.

‘Coz that’s how they roll.

No, please don’t do that. Let’s keep the roads safe.

6. Let Me Take a Selfie

WIM Writers

Two cities in Manila are known as the “Selfie Capitals of the World.” Let’s live up to the title and let the APEC delegates stop whenever they want to so they can take a selfie.

“This statue is nice, better take a selfie with it.”

“This bathroom mirror looks so grandiose, better take a selfie with it.”

“#ATM Chilling with mah homies.”

In addition to the Cobunpue’s art piece that we are giving away as a souvenir, why not throw in a selfie stick as well?

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