10 Frustrating Things That Happen in Every Tropa Group Chat

One of the best things about having a large group of friends is the group chat. It’s where we share stories, articles, memes, and whatever craziness we can think of. When we can’t meet in person, it’s the group chat where we can hang out as a tropa, even if it’s only done virtually. Sometimes it’s even better because it’s cheaper, we don’t need to take a shower, and most importantly, no one is late.

While tropa group chats are fun, it can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out the examples below:

1. When we’re busy doing something but everyone in the group chat is super lit

We have lives outside our group chats, but why is it when we’re studying or in the middle of a good movie when the group chat is lit? While we want to focus on the task at hand, we are tempted to drop it so we can join the chismis. Also to avoid the 500+ messages when we’re ready to join.

2. When you want to say something or crack a joke but you type so slow that the group chat has moved on to another topic

Sucks if you’re a slow typer. By the time you get to your punchline, the tropa has moved on to three different topics.

3. Or worse, when you say something or crack a joke, and you get seen

*seen by everyone*

4. Group plans are the worst because everyone is always game at the start

“Tara, Tagaytay bukas!”





5. That is, if you can get a solid plan

When, though? Mike is free on Saturday, Carlos is only free on Sunday, and Jessica is free on Saturday and Sunday. Do we meet at Chen’s house? Or sa rotunda? By the time you have written down the event on your planner or saved it on your phone, the plans have changed 15 times.

6. But then they start canceling one by one

On the morning of the event, people start canceling. Too bad if you’re already on the bus to Tagaytay and no one is free anymore!

7. It’s always tricky being part of a group chat, especially when you send them something that’s meant for your boyfriend or girlfriend

“Luv u, babyboobear!”

8. Because you’ll be the butt of jokes and memes

Good luck, everyone’s going to call you babyboobear.

9. And when you ask something serious, they’ll give you sarcastic, nonsense answers

“Guys, ano last name ni Prince Harry?”




10. There’s always that one person who only chats to ask you guys to like a photo or answer a survey

“Guys, pa-like naman picture ng pamangkin ko. Like the picture, ha. Hindi yung post?” Then you never hear from him again until another like contest.

But no matter what happens, you still love your tropa

Because whatever happens, they have your back, both in the group chat and IRL. You can share the deepest secrets, the craziest memes, and the warmest hugs.

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