10 Fitness and Training Equipment You Can Get on Sale Now

Have you finally decided to really get fit and healthier this year? Well, this is the perfect time to start shopping for equipment because you can get so many items on sale right now! If you’re also in need of new training and fitness equipment right now (because new year means new stuff, too), check out these products you can get on SALE from Shopee:

10. Adjustable Dumbbell

adjustable dumbbells

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This adjustable dumbbell will help you save space in your home gym. You can have up to five dumbbells in one. This set can weigh as much as 24kg. It’s also very easy to switch out the weights. Buy this adjustable dumbbell at 77% OFF here!

9. Portable Exercise Pedals

portable pedals

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If you’re always on the go and you’d like to squeeze in a quick exercise in your schedule, these portable exercise pedals are a great option. It’s like having a stationary bike without the bulk! Many people have even used this to exercise while working at home. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to store. Buy these portable exercise pedals at 58% OFF here!

8. Resistance Band Set

resistance bands

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This set of resistance bands comes in 4 varying resistance levels, so it becomes extra exciting to see yourself go from the beginner bands to the more difficult ones. The band set also features different shades of pink. So cute! Buy this resistance band set for only PHP 125 here!

7. Posture Support

posture corrector

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If you need a little help in keeping the right posture, get this back support. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Just wear it like a backpack and you’ll be sitting up straighter while you work and workout. Buy this posture support for only PHP 199 here!

6. Jump Rope

jump ropes

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These vibrant jump ropes are great for beginners. It’s lightweight so it’s a lot easier on the arms. The length of these beginner jump ropes is also adjustable. Of course, the many lively colors available are a huge bonus—perfect for those post-workout selfies, TBH. Buy your beginner jump rope at 27% OFF here!

5. Yoga Mat

yoga mat

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Want to start getting into yoga? This yoga mat is definitely a great starting off point. This mat is said to be extra thick yet still lightweight and portable. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors to make your workout sessions even more vibrant. Get your yoga mat at 47% OFF!

4. Yoga Ball

yoga ball

Photo from Shopee

If you want to take your yoga sessions up a notch and you’ve got a lot of extra space, why not add this yoga ball to your home gym, too? This yoga ball is durable and can most definitely take your weight. There are lots of workouts you can explore with this ball, and if you’re feeling extra playful, you can even use it while you’re working at home—just make sure to be careful! Buy this yoga ball at 66% OFF here!

3. 9-in-1 Pushup Board

pushup board

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This pushup board helps in sculpting and toning different muscle areas of the body. Thanks to the customizable design, it allows you to use it for whatever area you’re targeting. It’s also easy to store and is extremely portable. Buy this pushup board at 65% OFF here!

2. Foldable Treadmill


Photo from Shopee

This foldable treadmill is a great option if you’ve got limited space in your home. Who says you can’t have legit gym equipment in a small space? This treadmill doesn’t take too much space when being used nor when stored, but it still offers a lot of the features you enjoy in the gyms. It’s definitely worth the investment! Buy this foldable treadmill at 43% OFF!

1. Indoor Bike

indoor bike

Photo from Shopee

If you’re not up to start riding a bicycle out on the road but you still want the health benefits, you should get a stationary bike for your home gym. This stationary bike won’t take up much of your home’s space and it’s easy to get daily exercise with this great piece of equipment. Buy this indoor bike at 30% OFF here!

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