10 Filipina Beauty Essentials that aren’t Actually Makeup

Words by: Leika Golez

In a world wherein there’s a new beauty must-have every day, it’s difficult to determine what we really need. Sometimes, we only buy for the sake of buying something new. A lot of us have replaced our bare necessities with these expensive products. But honestly, we don’t really need a long and big-budget beauty routine to stay fresh, even in this heat. We often forget that our bare skin can actually function just fine on its own as long as we have a good lifestyle. Not to mention, we can save a lot of time and space if we learn to pack lightly.

So today, let’s go back to basics. Here’s a list of beauty essentials that aren’t actually makeup.


10. Compact mirror

If you’re a girl-on-the-go like me, you’ve most likely done your makeup in the car. And you’ve also probably tried to use your phone as a mirror. But bringing around a handheld mirror will save you the hassle of coping with how dark and blurry your phone screen is. Just by bringing a small mirror, you can properly apply products at any given time and place. Also, it’s so much easier to buy cosmetics without having to worry about whether or not the compact already comes with a mirror.


9. Moisturizer

A lot of people think they don’t need moisturizer because the humidity makes their skin really oily. But really, your skin is producing oil because it’s compensating for how dry it is. So the simple step of moisturizing can be a big help to your skin. Of course, you should apply to the rest of your body as well to give them some nourishment.


8. Sunblock

Moisturizing is just as important as protecting your skin. This is especially important in our tropical country. A good number of people think that sunblock should only be used when going out for a swim, but It can also actually prevent premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation. So make sure you slather on that very much needed SPF! And remember to apply it after your moisturizer.

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7. Lip balm

With all the overhyped facial products, we often neglect to take care of our lips. We all know how hot our country is, so make sure you moisturize and protect your lips too!

I can’t leave the house without a lip balm because it serves as a great primer for whatever lip product applied on top of it.

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6. Blotting sheets

There are some days when it’s inevitable for us to get oily. But instead of reaching out to your powder, why not try blotting first? After all, piling on that extra layer of makeup on top of an already sweaty canvas will possibly cause your skin to look cakey. When you feel yourself oiling up, grab your packet of oil film and gently blot away.

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5. Dry shampoo

Hair is part of your overall look too! Personally, I feel incomplete during really bad hair days. Some days, the humidity will cause my hair to get frizzy and greasy. On others, the stench of fried foods and smoke will cling to my hair. But I’ve learned to fix these problems by carrying around a small bottle of dry shampoo. Just a tiny spritz and my hair feels fresh again!


4. Exercise

I know that you’re going to say that you don’t have time for this. Or perhaps you don’t have the money to get a gym membership and a professional trainer. But not to worry, because you can simply look up easy 10-minute exercises online and do them at home. If you’re not a fan of the “traditional” weight lifting and circuit training, then perhaps you can try yoga and dancing. Even something as simple as taking a short walk back to your condo instead of taking a tricycle. Just anything that will get your heart pumping.

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3. Sleep

Okay, this, maybe you really don’t have time for. That’s okay. But remember that it’s important to sleep, so make an effort to really make sure you set aside time for this. Allow yourself to rest. A tip: try to check your phone less often. You’ll save more time than you think.


2. Water

Enough said. Hydrate! Your organs will be grateful.


1. Your smile!

As people have always said, the best accessory a woman can wear is her smile. You can buy all the beauty products and clothes you want, but it’s never going to be complete if you’re not truly satisfied. So let yourself laugh a little! You’re better than you give yourself credit for. No amount of highlighter will make your face shine as much as a genuine positivity would. It just glows up your entire face. And the world too.

It’s strange how some of these little things are priceless, but neglected nonetheless. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be beautiful. You just need to take care of yourself.

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