10 Easy Tips to Help You Get Started on Your Vlogging Journey

Words by: Michaela Acero / Photos by: Gabriella Mercado

It’s the age of social media, y’all! For most of us, this means sharing a lot of things about ourselves on various online platforms. For some, it’s also the perfect time to hop on the new bandwagon of documenting our lives through videos and sharing them online, otherwise known as vlogging.

Gone are the days of grainy videos and badly heard audio. Today’s generation is very fixated on producing quality content for Internet users and YouTube viewers. If you’re like me and you’ve considered vlogging as both a hobby and possible job, keep on reading for all the things you need to know to get started.


Before I delve into the tips from Azrael, let me tell you who he is. He’s a veteran blogger AND vlogger (he’s been doing it since 2006– that’s 12 years in the biz!) currently with 2K subscribers on YouTube. Over the years, he’s gathered various tips and tricks for beginner vloggers, which I’ve listed here.

10 Easy Tips for Beginner Vloggers by Long-Term Vlogger Azrael Coladilla

10. Know your topic.

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Azrael mentioned that it’s important to have intent before you start filming. Will it be a travel vlog? A storytime vlog? A haul? Make sure to know your topic so that you don’t waste time (and camera memory) whilst filming.

9. Prepare your gear.

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Once you know what kind of video you want to make, you’ll be able to choose your camera gear accordingly. For example, a GoPro would be more suited for adventure vlogs, while a digital camera is better for sit-down videos. It’s important to know this, so that you don’t end up bringing loads of equipment with you when you go somewhere to shoot. Don’t forget to bring spare batteries and memory cards, too!

8. Know your camera setup.

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With your chosen gear on hand, you need to know how to set everything up. Azrael recommends using a gorillapod for vlogging (the small tripod that has bendable legs), and look for other accessories that may help you when using different gadgets.

7. Try different video compositions.

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Azrael suggests switching up the way you do videos from time to time. Don’t be afraid to play around with different angles, lenses, and even speeds! Coming up with fresh and different content will keep your viewers from getting bored of your usual videos.

6. Avoid shaky video footage.

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Ah… shaky footage – almost everyone’s pet peeve. In order to avoid shaky footage, it’s important to use the proper equipment and to know how to properly handle your camera/phone. He suggests taking lighter and slower steps when you film while walking, so that your footsteps won’t jolt the camera. Some editing software also have a “stabiliser” option to make your raw footage seem less shaky.

5. Look at the camera, not the screen.

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Sometimes called every rookie vlogger’s mistake, constantly looking at the viewfinder can make vlogs annoying to watch. Azrael mentioned that you can practice doing otherwise by using the selfie camera on your phone. Even if you’ll be looking into the camera, you’ll still be able to see your reflection onscreen through your peripheral vision.

4. Create your story.

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This is where it gets a little trickier. Now, you have to decide whether you want to do a scripted or unscripted vlog. Even if your vlog is unscripted, you’ll still have to set a general direction for your vlog to go in so that you stay on topic. For example, if you’re doing a Japan travel vlog, you should’t insert footage of your day in Manila.

3. Have a story format.


Azrael provided a simple guide for your vlog format. “B-roll” is a term used for location shots, montages, and other footage that doesn’t include you talking. According to him, this is what he uses to help him construct his vlog taking too long in the editing process.

2. Edit on a comfortable medium.

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The beauty of the 21st century is that there are sooo many options when it comes to creating content! Feel free to edit your videos through whichever medium you prefer. Azrael has used his phone, his computer, and nothing at all (he shared that one time, he just kept pausing the “record” portion of his phone, ain’t that cool?).

1. Upload and share it.

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Like the previous point (and actually all the numbers above), there are countless options for you to choose from when it comes to this part of the #vloglife process. Find your niche. Feel free to upload on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and of course, the most popular video platform, YouTube.

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However you decide to do your vlogs, just remember to do you! Good luck, future vloggers, we’re looking forward to seeing your content on the interwebs someday. Do you have a vlog channel? Share your videos with us!

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