10 Dishes You Should Definitely Not Miss at the Shang GourmetFest

Words by John Peter Himor

Photos by Meghan Sevilla

It’s the perfect time to visit the Shangri-La Plaza this October to enjoy a gastronomic trip from all around the world. From October 18 to 21, mall-goers can visit the Shang GourmetFest, a celebration of flavors from different restaurants offering various cuisines, ranging from bold Spanish gourmet to classic Filipino flair. This four-day culinary event can be found at the Grand Atrium of the Shangri-La Plaza.

The Shang GourmetFest runs from October 18 to 21 at the Shangri-La Plaza.Ā 

Trying out ALL of the dishes from the many participating restaurants can easily become too intimidating. To help you get started, we have compiled 10 dishes available at the Shang GourmetFest that you should definitely not miss.

10. Paella Valenciana at Wobbly Pan

Paella Valenciana at Wobbly Pan (P680).

Wobbly Pan is your new go-to restaurant to indulge in authenticĀ Hispanic flavors in the metro. Their Paella Valenciana is their own unique take on the Spanish favorite, overloaded with chorizo, clams, mussels, chicken, and shrimps. You also need to try their gourmet croquetas (P290), which you can enjoy in chorizo or in squid ink.

9. Blowtorched Maki at Akira

Blowtorched maki at Akira (P178).

Akira takes pride in their claim of showcasing the art of sushi. Early standouts are their blowtorched maki and their Akira California roll (P268). Akira also serves teppanyaki sets such as salmon teppan (P648) and chicken teppan (P589) for all-around Japanese cuisine.

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8. Five Cheese Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen

Five cheese pizza at California Pizza Kitchen (P250).

One cheese pizza isn’t an option at the California Pizza Kitchen, where they serve original and hand-tossed pizza with five different kinds of cheese. This crowd favorite is decked with fresh and traditional Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Romano, and smoked Gouda, and is finished with tomatoes and a hint of basil. Their other flavors include steak mushroom and truffle (P375) and their original BBQ chicken (P250).

7. Barbecue Spareribs at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant

From L-R, Phad Tai (P420), BBQ Spareribs (P620), Spring Rolls (P280), all at the Thai BBQ Original Restaurant.Ā 

Smoky and meaty flavors are offered at the Thai BBQ Original Restaurant, where they serve a variety of Thai-infused cuisine such as our personal favorite, their BBQ Spareribs. These pork ribs are generously cut and cooked with their classic Thai marinade. Their Phad Thai noodles (P420) and spring rolls (P280) are also must-try additions to your Asian food trip.

6. Pasta a la Carlo at Figaro

Pasta a la Carlo at Figaro (P235).

The Figaro Coffee Company is one of the earliest coffee franchises in Metro Manila, and they have branched out to include delicious pastries and entrees for a bold Filipino concept with European undertones. Pasta a la Carlo, Figaro’s signature pasta, is a medley of sweet and spicy flavors, topped with tuna chunks, capers, and black olives. Partner your pasta with their soft ham and cheese bakes (P135) and a hot cup of cappuccino (P100).

5. Pork and Potato Strips at Kettle

Pork and potato strips at Kettle (P100).Ā 

Kettle is a no-frills, casual restaurant that brings out the comfort in comfort food. Their buttermilk fried chicken (P160) is the chicken twist that we never knew we needed. You also need to try a hefty serving of Kettle’s wickedly good pork and potato strips – don’t worry, you deserve it!

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4. Pan de Bistec at Pepi Cubano

Pan de bistecĀ at Pepi Cubano (P85).Ā 

These little sandwiches from Pepi Cubano are more than meets the eye. Latin American influences are prominent in their best-sellers such as the Pan de Bistec (beef, shoestring potatoes, cheese, jalapeƱos, and caramelized onions) and the Tito Choripan (chorizo hamonado, jalapeƱos, cheese, and chimichurri sauce; P50). These sandwiches are perfect for your easy snacking to-go.

3.Ā  Pomelo Salad at Zao

From L-R, Fresh rolls (P225), Spring rolls (P255), and pomelo salad (P365), all at Zao.Ā 

Vietnamese flavors are center stage at Zao, where they serve inspired dishes for both the meat lovers and the vegetarians. Start your meal either with Zao’s vegetarian fresh rolls or their crispy spring rolls. Deck it out with their barbecue spareribs (P315), speciallyĀ garlic-spiced and char-grilled. For a lighter plate, try their best-selling (and our personal favorite!) pomelo salad with shrimps, chicken, and fresh herbs.

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2. Pork Buns at Shilin

Pork buns at Shilin (P130 for two pieces).Ā 

These steamed buns from Shilin cater to all the flavors you’re craving for, such as pork, mushroom, and vegetables (P145 for two pieces), and even salted egg and chorizo (P90 for one piece). You can never go wrong with this Taiwanese crowd-pleaser.

1. Strawberry Shortcake at Paper Moon

Mini strawberry shortcake at Paper Moon (P100).

After indulging in all the selections at the Shang GourmetFest, make sure to end your day with a visit to Paper Moon. Their mini strawberry shortcake is the perfect sweet note with a hint of tanginess for a satisfying bite. Paper Moon also serves other desserts such as their dark chocolate pistachio bar (P54) or their baked blueberry cheese tart (P63).

All of these dishes are available at the Shang GourmetFest, which runs from October 18-21 at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza. Start your food trip of flavors from around the world by visiting these restaurants at the Shang GourmetFest.

Which of these dishes do you want to try? Share them with us below!


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