10 Delicious Cookies You Need to Try in Manila

5. Chocolate Chip Army’s Morphine Cookies

For the ultimate sugar rush, there is an army-themed cookie cafe in Maginhawa that you can visit for your cookie needs. They also have milk, coffee and ice cream to go with your cookies of choice. We highly recommend their awesome Morphine Cookies, which have marshmallows, chocolates and cereal in them. Live too far from Maginhawa? Fret not. You can get your cookie fix from them delivered to your doorstep, as well!


Read more about this cookie cafe here: Chocolate Chip Army Cookie Cafe A Sugar Rush Hidden in Maginhawa Street

Phone: 0915 143 1228 / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chocolatechiparmycookies/


4. Ola Cupcakes’ Gee Inverted Chocolate Chip Cookies

While most people get attracted to Ola’s Nutella Cups, we highly recommend their Gee Inverted Chocolate Chip Cookies. Crispy on the edges and yet chewy in the inside, these unique creations will make you want to keep ordering more.

ola cupcakes inverted choco chip cookies

Photo from Ola Cupcakes’ Facebook page

Phone: 0927 234 4228 / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olacupcake/

3. The Bald Baker’s Choco Chocollows

Every single cookie at The Bald Baker looks like a work of art and tastes even better. If you want to impress people with cookies, The Bald Baker’s cookies are definitely a great way to go. Our top pick? Their Choco Chocollows, although, really, you can’t just choose one flavour when you try these babies out.

bald baker choco chocollow

Photo from The Bald Baker’s Facebook page

Phone: 0917 511 6370 / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebaldbakerph

2.  “Totoo Pala ang Pag-Ibig” Brownie-Stuffed Cookies

If you’re a brownie lover (and a hugot lover), then these brownie-stuffed cookies from Totoo Pala ang Pag-Ibig are a must-try. They’ve got the perfect texture, are chewy and moist, and don’t skimp on the sweetness. Plus, they’re affordable and each box that you order comes with witty notes! Super cute!

totoo pala ang pag ibig cookies 1

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/totoopalaangpagibig

1. Cariza’s Stuffed Cookies

Regardless of what your favorite type of chocolate or cookie filling may be, you can be sure that Cariza’s cookie version of it will be downright delicious. Cariza’s stuffed cookies aren’t just made of the perfect textures and flavours, either; they are so good, you’ll order extras just to share the awesomeness with your loved ones. I guarantee it!

Carizas 11 e1439018724316

Read more about Cariza’s stuffed cookies and other goodies here: Cariza’s: Sinfully Good Stuffed Cookies

Phone: 0915-3332111 / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carizas/264064407047813 / Instagram: @carizas

What are your favorite cookies in the metro? Share them with us! 🙂