10 Cool Car Accessories to Give Your Dad This Father’s Day

Still not sure about what to give your Dad for Father’s Day? Well, we know that most fathers absolutely love and adore their cars. So, if your father has a car, you definitely can’t go wrong with getting car accessories for your Father’s Day gift.

Here are extra functional car accessories from Shopee that will make your Dad’s car even more comfy and convenient:

10. Car Vacuum Cleaner

car vacuum

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It’s always stressful to see the car littered with crumbs, soil, and even falling hair. This car vacuum cleaner will easily help keep the car clean and neat. It’s very handy and portable that it can even fit in the car’s cup holder. With this powerful vacuum, your Dad can put off a visit to the car wash for another week. Buy this car vacuum cleaner here!

9. Car Emergency Kit

car emergency kit

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Help make sure that your Dad is prepared for any car trouble with this car emergency kit. This 12-piece set already includes a lot of handy tools such as an air pump, a first-aid kit, jumper cables, and a lot more. This is such a useful set that everyone who has a car should definitely have one of these at all times. Buy this car emergency kit here!

8. Steering Wheel Tray

steering wheel tray

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If your Dad loves to go through drive-thrus with the family, this steering wheel tray is definitely a must-have for the car. With this easily attachable tray, it’s more convenient to enjoy casual meals inside the car. It’s perfect for long road trips or just a quick fast food dinner at the end of a long day. Buy this steering wheel tray here!

7. Expandable Clothes Hanger

car hanger

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This expandable clothes hanger is a great car accessory to have if your Dad always needs to hang his freshly-ironed shirts on the way to work. This expendable clothes hanger essentially gives him more space to hang his clothes. It easily attaches to both roof handles on each side of the car. Buy this expandable clothes hanger here!

6. Digital Car Air Pump

car air pump

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With this digital car air pump, your Dad won’t have to worry about flat or deflated tires when he’s in the middle of nowhere. This cool gadget inflates a standard mid-sized car tire from 0~36PSI in only 4-6 minutes. It also has a built-in LED light so that your Dad won’t have trouble working on the tires even at night. Buy this digital car air pump here!

5. Memory Foam Backrest

car backrest

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Spare your Dad from back pains after a long drive with this memory foam backrest. It’s ergonomically designed to make sure that the spine is in proper alignment while driving. Of course, because it’s made out of memory foam, it’s extra comfortable, too. Buy this memory foam backrest here!

4. Car Gap Storage

car gap storage

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Give your Dad extra storage in the car with this cool storage box that lets you utilize that small gap between the car seat and the handbrake. If you always lose stuff in that gap, this nifty gadget makes sure that it never happens again. This car gap storage also has an extra cup holder for those days when just one drink is not enough. Buy this car gap storage here!

3. Car Trash Can

car trashcan

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A car trash can is definitely a must-have for any car owner. This particular trash can is attached to the headrest of the passenger seat so that it doesn’t take up any leg room or precious cargo space. It’s also bigger than most car trash cans, making it extra helpful for keeping the car clean and neat. Buy this car trash can here!

2. Car Diagnostic Scanner

car diagnostic scanner

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This car diagnostic scanner helps check if there are any problems or slight faults in the car. It’s definitely a great gadget to have for preventive maintenance on the car, or for just a quick check right before leaving for a long drive. While it’s also a must to go to a mechanic regularly, this diagnostic scanner can also help lessen the trips to the shop. Buy this car diagnostic scanner here!

1. Key Organizer Gift Set

Orbitkey Gift Bundle 2021 Lifestyle 9

Photo from Urban Traveller & Co.

Have your Dad carry his car keys in style with this leather key organizer. It’s sleek, elegant, and very minimalist, but you can also be sure that it’s sturdy, especially with its premium materials. This gift set can also come with a multi-tool that will come in handy for emergencies. Buy this key organizer gift set here!

For more Father’s Day gift ideas, browse through the Shopee app!

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