10 Best Things About Boracay During the Rainy Season

10 Best Things About Boracay During the Rainy Season


Come June and we Filipinos brace ourselves for the frequent rains and escalating chill, to a point that this wet snapshot of the rainy months becomes a nuisance. But the habagat season, as we call it, is not wholly unwelcome across the country altogether. Local and foreign tourists itch for the greatest advantage this brings to their traveler life: reduced low-season rates in Boracay. And what does this mean? Nothing but pure fun and thrill on our premier island at the best price drops!


Wet Countdown: 10 Things Best Experienced in Boracay During the Rainy Season


There are sundry reasons why tourists choose to visit Boracay during the low season, which stretches from June 1 to December 15. But to specify on that, here are ten that make going to this world-class destination during the sodden months worth a try:


10. Stashing bags with more souvenirs.  


Going back to the metro without a memento of Boracay is a sin. D’Mall is accessible and has a range of products, from native bracelets and earrings to beach wear and house decorations. Anyone with good haggling skill can take home quality items at a reasonable price. If you are a group, shop together to get discounts for bulk purchases.


9. Tucking in to delicious food around the globe.  

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If there is one aspect of Boracay to love, it must be the food! Choices occupy a wide spectrum of international cuisines, from Indian at True Food, Italian at Aria Cucina, Mexican at Mañana, and Spanish at Dos Mestizos. Try one or two of their respective specialties—naan and chicken masala, Tartufo Tagliatelle, quesadillas and enchiladas, and tapas and paellas—or head to the cheaper dining places at Station 2’s D’Talipapa. Caveat: Be prepared for a great seafood feast!


8. Affordable honeymoon or anniversary.  


The rainy season might deter couples from tying the knot in Boracay, but if the goal was to have a honeymoon, that would be a welcome occasion. All hotels and resorts on the island can accommodate honeymooners, so the experience will only differ in terms of the offerings. Gran Prix the Sitio is a high-end option that provides couples with their own private spa and bar & coffee nook. Those with sea views in Station 1 are Royal Park Hotel Resort, Sun Villas, and La Fiesta. Station 2 has the classy La Carmela de Boracay, while Station 3 boasts of the luxurious Sundown Beach Studios and the native-style Moreno’s Boracay Cottages. Tip: Book with a hotel that can arrange activities and gimmicks for couples.


7. Solo or couple massage for at least an hour.  


When the weather becomes unforgiving, you can still have a memorable day even in your hotel room. Call for an in-house massage from any of the renowned massage providers in Boracay. Price should never be a question because of the regulated cost of services on the island. Better, focus on the particular treatment you want in order to relieve your fatigued body: Tirta Spa’s holistic therapies, Bella Isa’s full massage service for couples, and Mandala Spa’s hilot or Watsu.


6. Easy-going cruise in a paraw.  

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To appreciate the pristine waters of Boracay more after ticking off scuba diving or helmet diving, sail in a paraw—the local outrigger boat—and put to sea meters away from the shoreline. Deal with a provider for Php500, then aboard with a buddy and let the skillful sailors man the vessel. Feel the air hitting your face and realize that you are at the wind’s mercy; as the bow slices the sea, watch the water glide past under the boat. Such experience is seldom had, so ensure to imbibe your moment with nature. Want a truly engrossing experience? Sail late in the afternoon and wait for the skies to wear a different palette of colors.


5. Legit party vibe on an island.  


Being spent too fast is not advisable, because after all the activities, there is one must-do to complete one’s experience of the island: bar hopping. The party scene in Boracay differs little from that of high and peak seasons. All after-dark hang-out places have their own gimmicks in addition to the expected dancing lights, upbeat music, and groups of party-goers. Try the famous “Still Standing After 15” at Cocomangas Shooter Bar and earn points for your country, or head to Guilly’s Island and survive the “Gone in 60” challenge. Both bars are located in Station 1, but if you want a different atmosphere, just walk southwards to the other two stations to search for the right party vibe for you and your barkada.


4. Great sunny days for land and water activities. 

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You are unluckily misinformed if you picture an all-rainy Boracay from June to December. The sun still comes out with enough pleading, and when these sunny days do bless the island, all are energized and animated. In terse words, it is just like a regular day of fun in peak season. So, there goes tourists sunbathing and swimming to get a kiss from the sun, the bikers and ATV riders who miss their trails, and the rest doing activities with smiles rivaling the bright day. If it is not too sunny, it is cloudy—and that elevates the charm of the island a few notches more!


3. Windsurfing and kiteboarding on a higher level. 

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Unlike the rain that sends some inside their hotels, the wind is so much welcome among tourists, especially surfers and kiters. The habagat season thrills windsurfers and kiteboarders that much that they migrate their sports to White Beach to make use of the volley of strong winds hitting the four-kilometer powdery-sand beauty. Now, it is not that the famous beach steals the limelight from Bulabog; wind activities can still be done on that side, but the daredevil show of skilled kiteboarders flipping through the air can only be seen on White Beach.


2. More conducive atmosphere for relaxation. 

Enjoy Boracay on a Budget

The rainy season effectively drives off storm-cautious folks, and this is taken advantage by solo and couple travelers who want to unwind close to nature without getting too far from action. These tourists—the soul-searchers, the artists, the penny-pinchers, the lovers—go to Station 3 to avoid any size of crowd and enjoy quiet time by the beach. Those who want more privacy head to Puka Beach on bike or tricycle to soak in the area’s peacefulness—turquoise waters kissing the shore, open skies, sprawling horizon, clean air, shade from the nearby coconut trees. There is no wonder why Puka is a staple in every tired tourist’s itinerary.


1. Marked-down rates across the board.  

Enjoy Boracay on a Budget

To entice travelers who are sun lovers by default, Boracay establishments and service providers reduce their overall rates down to up to 25 percent during the second part of every year. While the cost of accommodations, activities, and food become cheaper, the quality of everything never declines. You can still stay at your desired three-star hotel with full amenities, consume Jonah’s best-selling Mango Shake all you want, or ride the buggy to tour parts of the island for hours. To complete the deal, airlines also offer cheaper direct flights from Manila to Caticlan or Kalibo, costing only around Php1,000 for a one-way flight. 


Boracay island is exciting for tourists no matter the month of the year. Travelers only have to be in “wet season” mode to enjoy the diverse activities under the sun or rain. If you haven’t got into the mode yet, Boracay Beach Real Estate can help you by finding affordable accommodation for your group as well as accompanying activities. Plus, we will provide useful, updated, and personalized advice to ensure that you will have a memorable time on the famous island. Check out our low-season promos to get started. 


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Wet Countdown: 10 Things Best Experienced in Boracay During the Rainy Season