1 Day In Singapore: Safari, Trick Eye and Universal Studios

Singapore is as beautiful as the photos.

It was peaceful and I’d love to go back.

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I was recently in Singapore for work, our schedule was for 3 days but we had 1 free day. It was my 3rd time there but it was always a quick trip or a work trip so I wasn’t able to go around. So this time, I wanted to make the most out of my trip. I booked 3 things for my visit, Trick Eye, Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios.

I woke up at 7:00 so I won’t have to hurry at all the attractions that I want to see.

Singapore Zoo

It’s going to be my first time to visit a Zoo abroad so I was super excited. I also wanted to go to this first because Trick Eye and Universal Studios are in the same area and it’s better if I end my day there.

I booked my ticket through Klook, the Zoo ticket costs P1,563 for the day. I am not sure how much it will cost at the venue so I opted to buy it ahead of time. When I got there, I just had to scan the QR code in a self-printing kiosk and voila, I got my ticket!

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The ticket includes the entrance and the guided tram inside the park. The tram is a faster way to go around and in case you get lost, you can always ask the tram to drop you off in the attractions that you want to see.

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As soon as you enter the zoo, you will see little monkeys around the vicinity. They are not in cages and they freely go around. You have to watch out though, some of them just jump from tree to tree.

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Look up! There are Orangutans hanging from above your head!

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As you go along, you will see these beautiful white tigers roaming around and even swimming. They are not in cages or glass enclosures, they are separated by moats or wooden fences. This ensures the safety of the guests and the animals.


They are the home of over 2,800 animals from over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. There is so much to see!

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The highlight of my trip was the elephants. I was there at feeding time so I was able to feed them some of their favorite fruits. There are a number of them at Singapore Zoo as you can see, they are very healthy. Singapore Zoo pride themselves of their ‘open concept’ zoo so animals won’t feel neglected in cages.

I spent around 9:00am to 12:30pm at Singapore Zoo. Since it was lunchtime, I had my lunch at the KFC outside the zoo. Then I’m off to my next tour!

You can get to the Zoo by boarding the buses with 138 and 927 routes.

Trick Eye Museum

Though there are many 3D or Trick Eye Museums, this one in Singapore will be able to make you feel, touch and interact with the artworks. They also have an augmented reality app so you can see special effects in every artwork. The tickets cost almost P1,000 but you can get it cheaper on Klook.


With the app, you can see your photos come alive with special effects, hidden animals, fireworks and even explosions!


I was there by myself so I wasn’t able to take photos of myself. Though there is staff you can ask to take a photo of you, Trick Eye can be more enjoyable with friends.

Universal Studios Singapore

I love movies so visiting Universal Studios is a must for me. As soon as you enter Universal Studios, you will be welcomed by this stage where there’s Jurassic World show. It was a loud welcome for everyone who visits the theme park.

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Watch out for the dinos all around!

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If you still want more dinosaurs, you can visit their Jurassic Park attraction for some rides!

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If you want to relieve your childhood or you are traveling with children, far far away land is a must visit. You can get on some rides or even catch Donkey singing in a bar!

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Despicable Me and/or Minions are a big deal at Universal Studios so you will see people walking around in costumes. There are also meet and greets and live shows with the minions! Don’t forget to catch the street shows especially at night!

The tickets to Universal Studios can be a little expensive but you can score cheaper ones through Klook!

Have you been to Singapore? Share with us your photos in the comments section below!