Watch this MMA fighter knock his opponent out cold

We’ve seen a lot of knockouts in UFC fights from many fighters, such as Conor McGregor. But one brutal punch rocked the amateur MMA world just days ago.

The main event of Hard Knocks 54 on Friday (Saturday in Manila) in Calgary, Alverta, Canada featured Sean Michaels and Joe Mipanda. But in the first round, Michaels unleashed a ferocious right hook that dropped his opponent out cold.

As seen in a video posted by Twitter user @Grabaka_Hitman, Michaels’ powerful knockout punch left Mapanda on the canvas as stiff as a board.

Michaels, who interestingly goes by the nickname The Heartbreak Kid similar to Shawn Michaels the wrestler,  improved to 3-1 after that KO win over Mapanda.

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