Let’s Have a Feast at Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM Marikina

By on April 3, 2013


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When in Manila and you would like to spend quality time over good quality food, here’s a little trick:  Look for filled-up restaurants, or better yet, for food places where loads of excited folks trickle in lines. 

One Saturday morning, my parents and I decided to bond at SM Marikina.  We thought of doing the usual thing, walk around each floor and check out the different restaurants that we could go to for lunch.  It didn’t take long for us to decide where to eat.  The moment we went up to the second floor, we saw a huge crowd of people in one corner.  At first, I thought there was a commotion of some sort.  But no, people were falling in line to go to Vikings luxury buffet restaurant!  So onto Vikings we went!

Vikings luxury buffet restaurant’s façade reminds me of a lobby in a 5-star hotel.  With the elegant glass panels, long wooden table, and well-trained front desk personnel, it was easy for me to forget that I was just in a mall. 


Vikings luxury buffet restaurant When In Manila Mitzi Uy-029


The interior is warm and rustic.  Inside Vikings luxury buffet restaurant, I felt like a globetrotter in a new land.   The brick walls resemble French al fresco cafes.  Books are tucked on the shelves above the buffet tables just like in some country homes.   The landscape oil paintings and antique table decors definitely added European charm to Vikings luxury buffet restaurant.   


Vikings luxury buffet restaurant When In Manila Mitzi Uy-009 

Vikings luxury buffet restaurant When In Manila Mitzi Uy-017


And the food!  Oh my, I had a feast like no other.  The food was displayed in long (and I mean looooong) tables.   I actually thought my feet would tire out before I even reach the last food section.  

 Vikings luxury buffet restaurant When In Manila Mitzi Uy-006


 Let me take you through a short tour.  


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