Vapor Hookah Lounge: BF Homes, Paranaque



When in Manila you need to come on down south to find the most affordable and fun place to grab drinks and chill with Hookahs!





Other than BF Homes being one of the largest subdivision in Asia, it is also the home of some of the best bars and restaurants in Metro Manila.


Anyway, with all the buzz about this place I just had to see first hand. So me and my friends went to Vapor Hookah Lounge in the 2nd floor of the g1 compound along Aguirre Avenue to see if it really is buzz worthy.


The place was packed!– lots of hyped up people with towering containers of cocktail and hookahs on their tables. So here’s the menu it was very simple, modest and affordable.



We tried their best sellers: Tokwa’t baboy



These Nachos were awesome. The sauce was just tasty & this actually serves 2-3 people!



Chicken Fingers!

Breaded tender chicken with a side of white dipping sauce.



Offcourse, the famous drinks. Drinks are served in condiment containers, which is actually clever and less messy since you pour them in shot glasses.



(L to R) Choco mud shake, Ultimate Cosmo, Combination of Choco Mud shake and the Ultimate Cosmo



I didn’t even recognize the alcohol in them cause of how good they tasted but offcourse, eventually I did. In the worst possible way– but I won’t expand on my weak tolerance for alcohol. Let me just tell you about the drinks:

The Choco mud shake tasted similar to  Frappuccinos from coffee shops but mixed with alcohol offcourse. I’m a big fan of Cosmos! & I believe the best I’ve had was from this bar in Boracay. This came close, actually & it was 10x less the price, too! It was sweet, subtle and fruity.



You can mix your own drink! They will even put it on the menu.


So I bet you’re asking yourself how on earth was the last cocktail created or how drunk the creator was. Well, it was created by a few customers who thought about mixing together their two all time favorite drinks: Choco Mud Shake & Ultimate Cosmo. I was skeptical at first. The thought of cream mixing with cranberry juice was absurd & I fear it would upset my stomach but I can’t even describe how it tasted. It’s sort of a reminder of a strawberry frozen yogurt! It was awesome! Fruity & creamy. I know I don’t sound like I’m reviewing an alcoholic beverage but I am.


Another customer created drink that was surprisingly unbelievable was the Coffee, Melon Liquor also known as CML=Camil (Named after the creator) I know it’s weird right? Coffee and Melon? But it seriously tasted creamy, non alcoholic and was definitely indulging. This was my favorite!

Frozen Margarita anyone?

Im not a big fan of margaritas for the fact that the ratio of alcohol is too prominent.
I love this though! Frozen, sweet, zesty delight. Best part? Php 90.00
Makes me want to lay down on the beach.



However, if you don’t prefer alcoholic beverages you can still enjoy their milk shakes. This tall REAL strawberry delight is only Php 60.00



Good for 6-10 people. I’ve seen alot of this around in other bars actually but never as a cocktail tower. Mainly cause cocktail towers would be very expensive but this is only Php500.00 and the best part is? It comes with a hookah! How awesome is that?




I swear this was very intimidating. I wasn’t able to try it myself cause I fear that I might not be able to go home anymore but my friends tried it for me. Basically it’s a tower of stacked rum glasses and a shot glass at the top sipped using straws! They pour a flaming glass of liquor from the shot glass on top down to the bottom rum glass waiting. Two people will need to participate since it involves a lot of alcohol & it’s best to drink it while it’s flaming but they said only one attempted to do both of the shots in one go. Courage.


This was what we actually came for. Well, they’re famous for it offcourse.


So first of all, what is a hookah?
A hookah or also known as sheesha, nargile or waterpipe is a single or multi-stemmed, glass based instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled down and filtered by passing through water. This originated in India and gained popularity in the Middle East and all over the world. It is believed to be invented by an Indian Physician and Emperor Akbar a millenium ago. They later raised awareness after tobacco smoking became popular among indian noblemen. He envisaged a system which allowed smoke to be passed through water in order to be ‘purified.’ Basically, smoke is created through vaporization and not by burning the tobacco directly (unlike cigarettes)


Health Effects: some studies conclude that hookah smoke is far safer than cigarettes. Although, nicotine is still present but unlike cigarette smoking, hookah smoking is not or should not be a regular every hour habit.





Personally, I quit smoking and like other addictions you shouldn’t even be exposed to something that can make you retaliate again, right? Hookah didn’t made me crave smoking again. It was like alcohol for me. Regular and in moderation.


Anyway, enough trivia. What’s awesome here in Vapor Hookah Lounge like I said, it has 20 different flavors and you can mix all of them. I’ve tried the single flavored ones but my favorite would be the strawberry. As for the mixed ones, we tried the Richie Rich (Bubble gum, cola & watermelon) The flavors weren’t that prominent when you taste the smoke but it sort of formed a different kind of flavor all in one. The cola made it a bit robust since Bubble gum and watermelon were very light. Good balance.


Hey look, it’s me handling the bar!









Practically all countries in the world are facing teen alcoholism issues, and they all have their own ways of dealing with them.

Either way, if you want to party then take Vapor Hookah Lounge with you! They also offer a Mobile Bar with very affordable packages. & a first for mobile bars out there. Hookah’s are included. Check it out.

(Please click on the photo to enlarge and read the packages)



Here’s a video!



When in Manila, you should definitely come to Vapor Hookah Lounge located at the 2nd floor of the G1 compound in  Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque to try their unique blend of cocktails, snacks and some of their 20 different flavored Hookahs or when you’re having a party elsewhere the mobile bar will come to you with HOOKAH’s also. For a fun, fulfilled and affordable party only at Vapor Hookah Lounge.



Email: [email protected]­
Cellphone: 09209280191
G1 Center, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City


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