Turn Your Kids into Mini Style Icons with These Brands

Getting my daughter dressed when we go out is one of my favorite pastimes. I was not much of a fashionista as a child and special occasions aside, I pretty much just wore a sweater and pants everywhere we went. I was, however, a huge fan of Barbie and dressed up my dolls to a tee all the time. Now that I have my own daughter, I have realised the potential of having a human ‘Barbie’ at my ‘disposal’ everyday. :p Now, I can introduce my little one to the world of fashion in a way that it wasn’t really around before. Check out some of our favorite trends and stores here:

Pop It! for Boys is a bright fun trend explosive with colours for boys. Think multicoloured stripes, bold gloss slogans and color blocking – everything is multicoloured, basically!

Pop It! for Girls, on the other hand, is a mid summer trend bursting with color and fun. Think thumb print all-overs mixed with color block dresses. Fun slogans, crazy over-all prints and colourful embellishments can be mixed, too. With this really fun colourful range, anything goes!

Back2school Report for Girls and Boys consists of basic pieces that will go with any uniform look! Primary and neutral colours are the base of this collection to easily match with school-appropriate looks. With a touch of fun, who wouldn’t get excited to dress up in a school vibe for school or out of school?

You can find all of the outfits found in these photos at Big & Small Company, Spin, and Orange Juice stores near you! Time to go shopping with your little ones!

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