Thor Movie Review from Exclusive 3D Premier: The God of Thunder in this Avengers Prequel

So today, I watched THOR in 3D. with my younger brother. It’s his first time in 3D! Hooray for him.


THOR. I just watched at first because its free, and I’m not doing anything. I wasn’t even aware of who he is not until the emcee, Gino Quillamor of RX 93.1, gave brief information just before the movie started. The premiere showing was held at Eastwood Mall Cinema 6 sponsored by Jolibee. We we given free Crispy Chicken Burger, 1 tumbler of popcorn, a bottled water and iced tea. Not bad! Anyway, minutes before the movie started, there were a few trivia questions about Thor. Like what’s the name of his brother, what was the saying on his hammer, who was the original writer of the story.. and some about the new promo of Jolibee, for only P335.00, you get 6 pcs original chicken joy or barbeque chicken on  a bucket with thor design, their Thor toys and so on.  The jolibee team gave out gift certificates and buckets of chicken for those who answered the trivia questions correctly, and the first prize of 500 GC and a free Thor toy. They also had raffles after the movie. I just missed the chance to take lots of pictures since I only brought my iTouch with me. :/

The story revolved around the life of Thor, who was played but the hottie, Chris Hemsworth. Thor was a very powerful heir of the legendary throne of Asgard, but at the same time restless and arrogant. With this, his father was forced to banish him to Earth, take away all his power and put a curse on his hammer, Mjolnir–that whoever touches this hammer, if he shall be worthy shall have the power of Thor. On Earth he meets and falls in love with Dr. Jane, played but the gorgeous Natalie Portman, a young scientist, who helps him retrieve his hammer.


Back in Asgard, Thor’s younger brother, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, who self proclaimed himself as king, grabs the chance to rule over Asgard; while their father was seriously ill.


Only then when the darkest force was sent to the Earth, that Thor realizes what it takes to be a true hero and king.

The movie was very entertaining because it was a mixture of comedy, love and adventure. It showed true friendship, family orientation and love for other people. The casts, on the other hand, were able to portray their part well. The sound effects were also appropriate to the scenes. Overall, THOR is a movie to recommend. J and I’m really glad I was able to watch it.!


I’m not really a fan of Marvel movies. I usually watch them only because I have nothing else to watch or because my brother’s watching it, but I can now say, that I did enjoy watching Thor.


Thanks to my good friend Che and  WhenInManila for the FREE passes! :))

<3 Ivica Rae Say, RN

Thor Movie Review from Exclusive 3D Premier: The God of Thunder in this Avengers Prequel

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