Taylor Swift Lookalike Is Blowing Fans’ Minds

This Taylor Swift doppelganger has such an uncanny resemblance to the singer that it’s almost scary!

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27-year-old cosplayer April Gloria has racked up 50,000 followers on Instagram after her photos of her cosplaying the pop star went viral!

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The fact that April is basically Taylor’s splitting image does not faze her, as she’s been compared to Taylor Swift for years!

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According to April:

I think the very first time was in fall 2014. I posted a selfie in a blonde wig with blunt bangs and a reddish pink lip, and a few people commented comparing us.

April even got Taylor’s 1989-era haircut as she was loving the singer’s new transition and thought her new ‘do complemented her face.

Do you think they look alike? Let us know!

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