Say Hello to Your Newest Craving: The McDonald’s McRib!

Mc Donald's McRib When in Manila Mae Ilagan (3 of 20)

Psssssst! Are you ready to meet your newest craving?


When in Manila and  hankering for some lip-smackin’ sweet n’ smoky barbecue, look no further because the McDonald’s McRib is NOW AVAILABLE nationwide for the first time in the Philippines! 



Yes, you read it right!!! The famous McRib, that’s well-loved and highly anticipated in other countries has just landed on Philippine shores (for a limited time only) and is ready to be adored by YOU!  

For only P99 (a la carte), this mouth-tingling McRib will surely satisfy all your barbecue cravings and leave you drooling and yearning for more, more, MORE!!! 



Say Hello to the McRib: Succulent specially formed ribbed pork patty, dipped in full-flavored sweet, smoky n’ tangy barbecue sauce topped with pickles, onions in a special elongated soft bun….

……..another certified Summa Cum Yummy burger experience that ONLY McDonald’s can offer!


If you prefer having veggies on your McRib, you may opt for the McRib Deluxe  that’s made with the same tender saucy pork patty and soft buns, but  the pickles and onions are replaced with fresh crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise for only P119 (a la carte)Best enjoyed with McDonald’s World Famous French Fries and drinks!!

Mc Donald's McRib When in Manila Mae Ilagan (18 of 20)


So come on….. give in and bite into the bang delicious flavorful McRib right away! 

Tell all your family & friends about it!


Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! The McRib is available in ALL McDonald’s stores nationwide via Dine-in, Take-Out, Drive-Thru and McDelivery via McDo App, 86-2-36, and


Loving the McRib? Share your McRib experience through McDonald’s Facebook fan page,, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #McRibCraving




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Say Hello to Your Newest Craving: The McDonald’s Pork McRib! 

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