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When in Manila, traffic, deadlines and/or heartbreaks could make us want to grab and light up a stick. We find comfort from the thing which ironically kills us – the cigarette! Here in Manila, it’s also known as YOSI from the first and last syllables of the Tagalog term – sigarilyo.


If you’re not a smoker and you despise the very thought of cigarettes or second hand smoke, then goon on ya! You are less of a candidate for diseases like Lung Cancer and Emphysema. On the other hand, if you are like me, always looking forward to cigarette break, then your life may be in danger. But don’t lose hope, there is still a way to lessen the nicotine intake, if not totally kick the bad habit…



Like what every doctor tells their patient, quitting doesn’t happen overnight. The good news is, kicking the bad habit has  now become easier with technology as one can smoke all day and night without the harmful cigarettes side effects.  


If you have seen the movie, The Tourist, you can’t miss the scene when Johnny Depp continuously smokes inside the train. What Johnny Depp was using is n’t actually a cigarette, instead, he’s using what’s called an e-cigarette or vape. Like fancy smart phone units, e-cigarettes also come in different shapes, sizes and designs. There were even some units that look like real cigarettes, complete with flip-top-like pack and all. Today, there are a countless number of designs you can choose from, some even looking and being as small as a pen. 



I was one of the few smokers who dared cross the line into the electronic cigarette world. I wanted to try this wonder gadget to see what the hype is really all about. In case you didn’t know, the E-Cigarette is completely safe for me and for the people around me, so no second hand smoke that’s dangerous. “Why?” you might ask, well, see the smoke we inhale and blow out is nothing but water vapor. Though some flavors may have higher doses of nicotine to satisfy the most addicted chain smokers, this is not something dangerous for the people around you. All the harmful chemicals of regular cigarettes are taken away. 


Another thing about e-cigarettes is that they satisfy the two types of addictions, one, as mentioned, is the nicotine. The other addiction people have to smoking is actually just the simple act of huffing and puffing smoke. They love doing it and feel the need to do so. Maybe you can add to that the social aspect of going out for a cigarette with friends, but still, falling into the addiction to the act of smoking. 


So whether you’re addicted chemically to the nicotine, or psychologically with the act of puffing smoke, the E-Cig has you covered! 



 FlavourArt – Video Tour of how E-Cigarette Flavors are made


Right off the bat I could tell that my addiction to puffing smoke was already satisfied. The simple 


One more selling point of e-cigarettes is that it allows one to smoke different flavors. From mint, chocolate, coffee, butterscotch (my favorite!), all the way to strawberries and lemon, or any fruit that you can think of.  What gives the flavor is the fluid which the e-cigarette only needs a few drops of.  There is no need to shower yourself with cologne or hand sanitizers after each nicotine fix.  In fact, after using the e-cigarette for a while, the smell of “real” cigarette smoke makes me nauseous. 





The simple benefits of using e-cigarette: such as no cigarette smell, no second hand smoke, cheaper cost, no more burn holes in your carpet, and the idea that you can smoke anytime, anywhere, are what makes e-cigarette puffing more popular in the market today.  More and more people are using the e-cigarette as evident by this large community of e-cigarette users


When in Manila, kick the bad habit, or better yet, don’t start the bad habit.  If you are addicted, there is still hope. There is still a choice. There is the e-cigarette. 



Wondering where to buy an e-cigarette? Check out www.eshotsph.com



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 Quit Smoking with E-Cigarettes from the Eshots Personal Vaporizers and Premium Liquids Store


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