Project Awesome Gears Up For First Mission ‘Freeze Mob’

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Project Awesome Gears Up For First Mission ‘Freeze Mob’

Project Awesome Philippines announces their first mission, a five-minute freeze mob in Bonifacio High Street. Agents and their guests have to assemble at Market! Market! in front of Max’s at 4 PM on September 1, 2013.

ThisFreeze Mob event is the first in the country. Those who would like to participate are encouraged to bring friends, family members and pets. This event is open for everyone. Participants just have to be at the meeting place on or before 4:00 PM of September 1 for registration. The Freeze Mob mission will commence at exactly 5:00 PM and end at 5:05 PM in Bonifacio High Street.

About Project Awesome

Project Awesome is the country’s first and only inspirational mob group based in Metro Manila. They orchestrate mob pranks in public places, which they call “missions”, which are performed by “agents”, all in good fun. The group’s goal is cause scenes of “shock and delight” and inspire people or give them a taste of a unique experience.

The missions are carried out monthly. Project Awesome contacts their agents regarding upcoming missions and asks them if they would like to participate, after which, the meeting place and time would be established.


Everyone Is Invited

All interested participants can join by filling out the form at the Mission page at Project Awesome’s official website. Let your friends in on the fun and encourage them to participate. As of August 10, 2013, over a thousand people have signed up for the event.

Project Awesome Gears Up For First Mission ‘Freeze Mob’

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