PONY Opens Its First Pop-Up Store in TriNoMa

All of us have go-to footwear that we turn to, regardless of the weather. For us at When in Manila, it’s PONY

PONY is a sneaker brand that originated in New York and has long paved its way into the Manila sneaker scene; but just recently, they opened their very first pop-up store in TriNoMa!

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The launch was an intimate gathering among – you guessed it right – fellow sneakerheads! We were also entertained by guest performers while we munched on snacks on the side ;)


Moving forward, I was amused by their “timeline wall.” It illustrates how PONY goes way back to the 70’s, and has adapted to the progress of style and has changed to fit the present time.


Here are the ambassadors of PONY, strutting their sneaks:



Honestly, I didn’t know that the brand has already been in the market for ages; and learning the story behind PONY made things more interesting for me. The brand really caters to whatever your taste in sneakers may be, regardless of gender.


Hve you ever experienced being torn choosing between comfortability and style? Well, this brand won’t give you a hard time.


Yay to dancing in PONY!

Also, being the minimalist, black-and-white person that I am, I take simplicity into great consideration while bringing class and style into play. I must say: I wasn’t at all disappointed when it comes to their collection.



Since I’m a very thrifty person, I also don’t want to buy anything that’s too expensive. Imagine my happiness when I was able to take an affordable plain white pair home!


Remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the diversity of their collection. They have so much more in store, so make sure you drop by their pop-up store. You still have a month to check it out!

PONY Philippines


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