Polecats Manila: Taking their Beginner’s Class Can be One True Adventure!

When in Manila and looking for an alternative to going to the gym, you might want to try taking pole-dancing lessons from the best pole-dancing team in the country, Polecats Manila. You could say that because of Polecats Manila, pole-dancing has become pretty popular with the ladies and I’m hearing that the men are more than eager to learn that the ladies are taking time to perfect this craft. And while men may have their own reasons for loving this trend (must I really tell you why exactly?), the women are taking these lessons for completely different reasons (the good kind boys). We are at a time and age where women can and will try almost anything once and find themselves more alive and liberated by the many adventures they get to try. Pole-dancing to me, would definitely count as an adventure.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about pole-dancing from my sister and she’s been asking me to go with her after the first time she tried it but we just never got around to doing it. So when the opportunity to try pole-dancing finally presented itself, I knew I had to just let go of all my inhibitions and just give it a go. When I arrived in their studio and saw all the poles, I became really nervous, I kept thinking that I might not be able to do the moves and would fall flat on my face. But when I spoke to instructors Kayleen and CD, they were just so nice and friendly that I eventually felt calmer than when I first walked in. I also didn’t have a clue as to what to wear for this activity so I texted a friend of mine the same morning and was quickly advised to wear “really short shorts and make sure you don’t put lotion on your legs!” Probably the best advice you could ever get when about to take a pole-dancing class. The second advice I would loved to have gotten would have been said in one word. Spandex. I came in wearing short board shorts and well, as luck would have it, heard a ripping sound just while we were stretching.

But I’m no quitter, so despite the ripping sound, I carried along with the whole activity. I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures because there wasn’t any time to do so. Once the classes have started, all you’ll ever have as breaks are minute breakers, just enough time for you to drink and then everyone gathers again and stands beside a pole and are taught the next moves. The first time our instructor Kayleen asked us to follow a step that she did, as I was looking at her I thought there was just no way that I could do what she just did and yet surprisingly, with a few words of encouragement and specific instructions, I found that we were all able to do it. Of course, not as beautifully as Kayleen but hey, both my feet were off the ground for more than 2 seconds so I figured, not bad. Not bad at all. The first 20 minutes have been to me, one of the most liberating moments in my life. Who would have thought that I would be able to do any of the moves? So yes, I did feel quite happy with myself for doing things I never imagined I could do.

Since I had little time to shoot, here are a few I took of our instructor just before class ended



As the moves became tougher though, I really began struggling with a lot of them and at one point, just wanted to sit down and watch. Pole-dancing was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. I used to do Muay thai as a form of exercise so I thought pole-dancing would be a cincher. Boy was I mistaken. Pole-dancing takes a lot of courage and commitment and if I used to think pole-dancing was just some excuse to learn seductive moves to impress the opposite sex, I now know that there’s more to pole-dancing than that. What I now understand about this craft based on what I experienced that day is that more than just impressing other people, it’s really about learning how far you can go with pole-dancing, about really stretching yourself to the limit and eventually finding out that with a lot of courage and commitment, you can do things with your own body that you never thought possible. Pole-dancing can empower women. Because committing yourself to doing something as difficult as pole-dancing can really be liberating! If you can do pole-dancing, imagine what other adventures you could try and eventually conquer!


I obviously have yet to find out if pole dancing is really for me because I have to be honest that the first class has been exciting and yet truly challenging for me. When I told my friend who loves pole-dancing about my experience, she said not to worry because the the first time she tried it, she cried because she couldn’t do the moves, but “don’t give up” she said and who knows, maybe like her, I’ll eventually have the passion to carry on learning this craft. So would I advise the ladies to try pole-dancing? Like I said myself, why not? I say try it and find out for yourself whether this activity is for you or not because if it is then you’ve found yourself a new passion and if it isn’t, then you’ll know it’s time to move on to the next adventure!

So When in Manila and thirsty for a little adventure in the metro, head over to the studio of Polecats Manila and take a pole-dancing class and you might just find it to be the perfect thirst quencher.


Gen Studios 3F Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, 1605

For classes 0917-700-POLE (0917-700-7653)
[email protected]­polecatsmanila.com

For performances and parties 0917-701-POLE (0917-701-7653), or message them on facebook


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