Pokémon Go: Here Are Some “Pokémon Trainers of Manila”

Although Pokémon Go has not been officially released in the Philippines, many have found a tweak to download and play it. However, it has been blocked in the country since.

Yet, the Pokémon Go fever was felt in the country and with that, Pokémon of Manila shared with us a few Pokémon trainers they’ve met throughout the years.

According to Kristian Li:

In light of the upcoming release of Pokémon Go, we’d like to take a moment to visit some of the Trainers and their Pokémon that we have met over the past three years!

We started this project in 2014 as an avenue to express our love for Pokémon and we wanted to explore the idea of what life would be like if they were real.

Enjoy guys! More features to come over the next few weeks :)

Here are some the trainers. To see all of them, visit the album here.

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (1)

“There was once a very lovely…very frightened girl”
“What happened to her?”
“She found a Vulpix and wasn’t frightened anymore”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (2)

“Aren’t Pokémon supposed to be inside their Pokéball if you bring them inside the train stations?”
“Yeah pero Jynx is her own person. I even buy her her own MRT/LRT cards when we’re travelling”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (3)

“I’ve always been made fun of for choosing to raise Bulbasaurs. People say that they won’t amount to much in training and fighting. I say, they’re more than just fighting pets for me. These are my friends, and you don’t choose your friends just because they’re good for one thing”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (4)

“I can train a Charizard,
but I can’t tame my hair. Only curly-haired people will understand”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (5)

“I am building an army of Glaceons and will start my own ice cream and froyo company. With bits and pieces of my Glaceons in every bite…”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (6)

“The jump off the plane is very scary, but Latias was there so I wasn’t scared”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (7)

“Naisipan ko po i-train si Combusken sa Mt. Pulag, dahil sa sobrang lamig dun, malaki po ang maiimprove ng firepower nya. Habang nagtatrain po kami may napansin po kaming lumilipad sa malayo. Hindi po kaya yan din ung nababalitang Articuno sa Sagada?”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (8)

THIS JUST IN. A wild Red Gyarados appeared today; sighting by Pokémon ranger Deejay Nacpil

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (9)

This week is Psyduck appreciation week!

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (10)

Hanging out with some of our favorite ghost and psychic Pokémon for Halloween Week!
Happy Halloween from Pokémons of Manila!

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (11)

“Have you tried ‘balot’?”
“No, no ‘balot’.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t want to eat Togepi.”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (12)

At Nuvali

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (13)

“What’s the hardest thing about training your Pikachu?”
“Hardest thing? Learning the value of patience”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (14)

“The hardest thing about having eevee is being torn between her evolutions. But right now, I love her the way she is”

Pokémon Trainers of Manila (15)

Kaya naman pala mainit, may nagtetrain ng intense sa labas tas fire pokémon pa

What Pokémons did you catch? Share with us photos with your Pokémons! :)

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