Philippines Ranks Low On Innovation-Friendly Policies

Despite breakthroughs such as the SALt lamp, does the country not encourage enough innovation? Apparently so, according to this local report.

This is according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) in its global ranking measuring domestic innovation-friendly policies around the world.

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The Philippines’ ranking? A mere 47 out of 56 total surveyed countries.

The report emphasized that countries with better education systems tended to produce more innovation for the benefit of the world:

“Countries where the quality of tertiary education is relatively high benefit more from their own R&D (research and development) efforts, from international R&D spillovers, and from their own investment in human capital formation than do other countries.”

The ITIF report stated that no Philippine university made it to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. The assessment also showed that the country also invests poorly in research, having the least number of researchers and spending only $43 in research and development, and $8 in university research, second to the last from Vietnam.

According to the report, the Philippines ranked poorly in human capital indicators along with Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, and India.

Thoughts on this? Do you agree that the country does not encourage enough innovation?

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