Manila Sole: Stylish, Classy, and Eco-Friendly Shoes

WHEN IN MANILA, I’ve noticed that the shopping behaviors of the people have changed tremendously over the years. Before, people tend to go for imported stuff. Now, people tend to go for locally made goods that are eco-friendly as well.

Personally, where the products were made don’t really matter to me. As long as I fall in love with a piece whether it’s from a flea market or from an upscale boutique, I go for it. But of course, locally made products have a special place in my heart. That is why as soon as I heard of Manila Sole, I went gaga for it.

Manila Sole is an online shoe salon that sells topnotch locally made shoes. And get this:  Manila Sole’s men shoes’ soles are made out of recycled tires while their women shoes’ soles are made out of conveyer belts! Talk about being unique and eco-friendly! Here are some of my fave designs from Manila Sole.



This is probably one of the most unique men’s shoe designs I’ve ever seen. Personally I don’t like shopping for menswear. But browsing through Manila Sole’s shoe catalog and seeing this pair made shopping for menswear seem exciting.



This pair from Manila Sole is so handsome! No wonder my Uncle C fell head over heels in love with this pair. And trust me, he doesn’t fall in love that easily…especially with shoes.



I love wearing flats to school, but sometimes with all the walking I have to do around campus, my shoes end up killing my poor feet. This Manila Sole flats is absolutely cute and comfy! These are definitely my go to flats especially if I have to walk all the way from CTC to Bellarmine. And fellow Ateneans, you all know that ain’t an easy job.



Love birds, check out this pair from Manila Sole! They have it in both men and women sizes so you can show off your love for each other by wearing the same stylish and eco-friendly shoes from Manila Sole!

So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that can satisfy your need for a locally made pair but has the same quality as those from abroad, eco-friendly, and stylish at the same time, check out Manila Sole WHEN IN MANILA.

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Manila Sole: Stylish, Classy, and Eco-Friendly Shoes

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