Karpos Shopping Fair at Mercato Centrale BGC: A fashion bazaar

When in Manila, ‘tis the season to go bazaar shopping!


Aside from christmas carols, hoiday food, and christmas parties, the -Ber months also bring us endless bazaars!


One I’ve visited recently would be the Karpos Shopping Fair. Situated conveniently in Mercato Centrale BGC, Karpos offers today’s greatest fashion picks. Everything from shoes, dresses, to trinkets, they have. Expect to find the latest in fashion for very good prices.


Here’s a sneak peak:


What are you waiting for? Head on over to Mercato BGC and shop at the Karpos Bazaar. When In Manila, expect to find great fashion picks at great prices at the Karpos Shopping Bazaar.




November 30 – December 1

6:00PM – 2:00AM



[email protected]




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